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On June 24, the Red Sox were riding high. They had opened a season-high five-game lead on the New York Yankees and were a season-high 17 games over .500, completing their second win against the Nationals in a three-game series.

Since then, the Sox are 11-11 — 22 games of mediocrity that have left them one game behind the Yankees. They are riding a season-high four-game losing streak, have lost consecutive series for the first time in two months, and have scored more than four runs in a game just nine times during those 22 games.

The offense has been the chief culprit — the Sox have posted a .233/.318/.395 line, striking out 164 times while walking just 85 times and averaging just 4.3 runs per game.

The pitching, meanwhile, has been terrific, posting a 3.97 ERA, striking out 169 while walking just 46 and allowing just 189 hits in 195 innings. The Sox have allowed 4.1 runs per game in the last 22.

While Theo Epstein and the rest of the front office works to make any additions they can before the trade deadline, it's worth remembering that slumps such as this one have occurred before:

  • On Aug. 27, 2007, the Red Sox were 7.5 games up on the Yankees and 29 games over .500. They were then swept by those very Yankees on their way to a 10-12 stretch in which their lead evaporated to a mere 1.5 games. The culprit that time was the pitching, which posted a 4.90 ERA. They recovered to win six of their final nine games and win the division on their way to winning the World Series
  • From May 31 to July 4, 2004, the Sox were an awful 12-18 over 30 games, falling well out of the AL East race, yet managed to recover to make a race out of it, win the Wild Card, and the rest is history.

So fear not, Sox fans. All is not lost. At least, not yet.

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at least it’s only end of July, and there’s and lots of games left with the Yankees and Rays. Hopefully they continue winning against the yanks, and start to win against the rays!

Woah woah woah, Buchholz is starting tonight? How the hell did I miss Wake’s trip to the DL?

Sox get Adam LaRoche and the Pirates continue to act as a farm system to the rest of baseball (especially the yanks and sox).
This move doesnt upset me too much…hope it stays that way.

Hey, a class Neil Huntington move. Give up something for a couple of minor league lifers.
LaRoche is an upgrade for the Sox, although that speaks more to how bad Kotsay is than anything. Good move by Theo.

Nah, there’s nothing to fear for SFs. You have a playoff team, and if your front office shows their steady path with Buchholz leads to him being in the post-season rotation, you guys are very potent with that front three.

I’m using this as the gamer …
Bucky looking good so far. HBP on Kinsler (got his flapping uniform shirt), then was solid on the next three batters, getting two outs on very defensive swings.
But then, pitching hasn’t been the problem.

“LaRoche is an upgrade for the Sox, although that speaks more to how bad Kotsay is than anything.”
To be more accurate, Andrew, it speaks more to the injury that has hampered Kotsay.

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