some thoughts on this week’s

some thoughts on this week’s doings in yankeeland, on ysfs, and elsewhere: On paranoia and the Schilling deal: The issue extends beyond “crying foul” over any one particular deal. The problem is that there is neither transparency nor integrity in the process of player movement and basic economics, so all of these hot-stove conversations that we’re having–and that MLB encourages for promotional purposes–are basically ridiculous, because we have really no idea what’s going on. But seeing as this is what we’re doing anyway, here are some of my observations on recent events: I’m not sure why the Yankees interest was shifted from Hawkins, a blue-chip reliever in his prime, to Gordon, an injury-prone vet at the end of his career. Paul Quantrill looks like a nice acquisition. But why both? Given the situation, the one year deal for Boone made sense, though one suspects he will be wearing another uniform by august. And not to harp on this, but the Yankees would have been much better off closing out 2002 with Ventura, and then signing a free agent at third for the future (Randa would have done nicely). And that would have kept Claussen in pinstripes as another starter or legitimate trade fodder. The Weaver for Brown rumor. As the Post writes, the Dodgers are looking for a hitter, not a hittee. But there’s always hope! IMHO, Vasquez should be the Yankees no. 1 priority, followed by Pettitte. Sheffield….this move makes me very nervous. An aging and injury prone player with a weak arm and a bad attitude who’s switching leagues… As Buster Olney notes, how many glorified DH’s can the Yankees stock? My suggestion: George should just by the Expos outright: this way he gets Vlad and Vasquez.

Posted by YF on 12/3/2003 01:41:58 PM