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What a difference a week makes. It was just a few days ago that SF—and just about everyone else—was ceding the AL East to the Yanks. Revenge would come in October. Maybe.

Now, the Bomber bandwaggon is a lonely place. Both today’s NYT and NYPost suggest that the Yanks might—might—win the division, but can forget postseason laurels without an upgrade to the starting staff (with Randy being the only legitimate balm).

So, we might ask, is the situation as dire as is currently being reported? Is El Duque the answer? When will Brown return, and in what form? Will there be an AL East race? For Yankee fans, there is one sobering comparison:

Yankee team era: 4.54
Red Sox team era: 3.93

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Let’s be realistic – the division is still a longshot for the Sox. They are back where they were a week ago, so that’s another 5% of the season gone with no ground gained. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility, but if the Sox are to come back from a 10 game deficit at the 80 game mark then I imagine everyone will be surprised if not shocked. I think the bandwagon jumping is, in fact, a bit dire. The Yankees are still a load up and the Sox have a lot of work yet to do. Things are looking a little up from this fan’s standpoint, at least.
The team ERAs point to my assertion all along – that the Sox are a team built for the post-season, pitching is the king (I think I am a broken record). The regular season has been, the last four days notwithstanding, a disappointment. But the prize is getting to October and succeeding there, not just finishing first when the regular games end.

Then again, after the Bombers run into the buzzsaw that is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (!) this weekend, the Sox could find their loss-column situation further improved. In a related story, how long before Victor Zambrano, the Rays ace (a phrase that was until recently an oxymoron, or maybe just a moron named Tanyon Sturtze) finds himself pitching on 161st Street?

If we’re talking about imports, the Post today suggests that Clemens himself (or Pettitte) might return to the pinstripers should the Astros continue to falter. Everyday Eddie also posed as a possible bullpen addition.

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