Sources: A-Rod Requests Trade

Alex Rodriguez's days in the Bronx appear numbered. He has reportedly asked management for a trade to a small market team.
Sources close to him claim that he can no longer handle the intense New
York media and wishes to spend the rest of his career out of the
spotlight. Cashman and company say they will try everything in their
power to honor his request. Kansas City and Oakland appear on the top
of A-Rod's wishlist. The Yanks would seek a package of high-level
prospects from either of these clubs. It is assumed the Bombers would
have to foot most of A-Rod's remaining contract.

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OMG! A-Rod wants a trade from the Yankees to the Royals!!1!!1!
What will NY tabloids do?!
If I didn’t know any better, I would almost say this story sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke. ;-)

Joel Sherman is already reporting that a deal with the Beijing Tigers of the China Baseball League is already done. Apparently the Tigers are prepared to pay all of ARod’s salary plus an extra $1 trillion, if Steinbrenner is willing to take payment in practically worthless U.S. Treasury bonds.

I knew as soon as I saw it, but it would’ve been great to wait until maybe some other blogs pick it up first or something! ;P

Sitting in dentists chair, log on, get my hopes up then realize the date. Thanks Nick.

Not a joke … Joba pleaded guilty to drunken driving today in Nebraska. Sentenced to probation for nine months, lost his license for 60 days.
Only bummer about it is that he (apparently) blew off three prior court appearances.
Otherwise, I applaud him for taking responsibility for his actions.

“Only bummer about it is that he (apparently) blew off three prior court appearances”
“Otherwise, I applaud him for taking responsibility for his actions”
God, I hate enablers. I won’t applaud any action a drunk takes after being busted, and this guy “apparently” took none. To boot, he’s a ML ballplayer playing in the biggest national arena, and getting paid a half million in 2009 to throw a ball and stay out of trouble.

RE: Joba’s plea.
I was bit tired when I responded to Dirty Water last night.
Let me clarify my original comment on Joba …
When I wrote that he accepted repsonsilibity, I meant that he pleaded guilty; he didn’t plead not guilty and attempt to fight it.
DUI defense is a racket. DUI defense attorneys have a virtual book on how to fight a DUI charge: they challenge the legality of the stop, the experience/competence/credibility of the officer who made the stop, whether the cop had probable cause to make the stop, whether the cop had probable cause to make the arrest … the list goes on. They seek to get the charge reduced and get their client supervision.
None of this appears to have happened here.

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