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I am behind in saying that Pedroia recently signed a $100 million, 7-year extension that will take him to his age 38 season with the Red Sox (2021). An argument can be made that this is the sort of deal the Red Sox recently rid themselves of a couple of times over with Crawford and A-Gon…but I don’t care. Pedroia is the face of the franchise (even usurping Ortiz) and a model of work ethic and overcoming odds. If anyone deserves an extension like this (and it’s going to look MIGHTY GOOD after Cano sets the 2B benchmark in the offseason), it’s Pedey.

Iglesias has…cooled off…considerably. In that his slash line for July is .200/.244/.213 and he has almost relinquished his first place batting average on the team to Ortiz (.330 vs. .329). While his defense is usually superior, it may be hard to continue justifying his place here if his “slump” (or standard performance) lasts a month more (though I can see him taking the starting job next year, considering monetary concerns and his defensive ability). Will Middlebrooks be called up again at some point?

Also, unrelated to the post title, I hear crickets on the Red Sox trade deadline front. I maintain that a solid 3/4 starter (though it might get awful crowded in the rotation if Buchholz ever comes back) or a really good bat (probably in the outfield?) would make the most sense right now. Relievers should be dealt with internally. We’ll see if anything comes of all of this in the next couple of days.

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  • From my seat, that Pedroia deal looks fantastic. Congratulations to the Sox for retaining a great player in what seems to be a very fair way for everyone involved, especially the fans.

    I really wonder what the Yankees are going to have to pay, and for how long, to keep Cano.

    attackgerbil July 29, 2013, 3:04 pm

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