Sox vs. Yanks: Premature Turnover Edition

It’s been a busy couple of months. Britney got married, divorced, and married again. J.Lo—we can’t even keep track. So if you haven’t been paying attention to baseball, we really can’t blame you. But it’s coming up on the All-Star Break, and the Sox and Yanks are at it again, so it’s time to tune in. And just in case you need an excuse, here are a few reasons why baseball is better than reality:

Reality: The South Beach Diet
Baseball: Hot Dogs and Beer

Reality: “My Life” by Bill Clinton
Baseball: “My Life (Behind Bars)” by Pete Rose

Reality: Olympic athletes on steroids
Baseball: Er, forget this one

Reality: Derek Jacoby
Baseball: Derek Jeter

Reality: One Night in Paris DVD jammed in player
Baseball: Time Warner MLB package, no interruptions

Reality: Al Qaeda
Baseball: Al Kaline, Al Leiter, Al Hrabosky, Al Nipper…

Reality: White Chicks
Baseball: Yankeeography

Reality: Iraqi Sovereignty
Baseball: Yankees Sovereignty

Reality: Apprentice II doesn’t start until September
Baseball: Summerlong Epstein/Cashman maneuvering

Reality: World Turmoil
Baseball: Yanks in first

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