Sox-As If the starting pitching

Sox-As If the starting pitching holds tonight, as it should, we’re going to have a bullpen battle, and that favors Oakland. But I’m not sure that this game 1 is any more crucial than any other. Boston has Lowe waiting at Fenway, Zito has been unpredictable, and who really knows what to expect from Ted (You Want Me to Throw What?) Lilly. This one seems destined for a game 5, late-inning decision. And sorry to go completely off topic here, but we could not help notice that the “naming rights” to this year’s New York City Marathon had been sold to the highest bidder, and now 30,000 intrepid pavement pounders (and a handful of turbo-charged Kenyans) will be zipping through our fare borroughs in the ING New York City Marathon. Is nothing sacred?

Posted by YF on 10/1/2003 02:17:42 PM