General Baseball


A couple of first thoughts, things I hope NOT to see and hear:

– Jim Edmonds doing his “I’ll slow down to make a catch look harder than it is then speed up and dive and look like a gold-glover” showboat thing
– A revitalized Bob Gibson busting Manny inside
– Ted Williams’ head being thrown out as the ceremonial first pitch on Saturday
– The aforementioned (in a thread below) Ben Affleck within 5 miles of the Fens
– Someone removing the dugout phone when Julian Tavarez comes off the mound
– Tim McCarver giving a metaphorical on-the-air lapdance to the likes of Tony LaRussa and his old team

and things I hope to see:

– Jim Lonborg chucking out the ceremonial first pitch
– Joe Buck under some sort of gag order (could this be the most naturally biased announcing crew ever, no fault of their own?)
– Manny Ramirez back to his slugging self
– Clean, exciting baseball and games played in less than 3:30
– Pedro Martinez getting a hit!

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