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Soxish, Dampish: Red Sox-Pale Sox/O’s-Yanks Friday Mash-up

gerbil here, finishing up work and realizing he forgot the gamer(s).  The Sox are visiting Comiskey (U.S. Cellular if you must) while the Orioles and Yankees are sitting around in their rubbers (galoshes if you must).  Comment away and have a great weekend.

10 replies on “Soxish, Dampish: Red Sox-Pale Sox/O’s-Yanks Friday Mash-up”

Sox lose, 3-1, behind a, um, admirable effort from Wakefield, who was bidding for career win No. 200.
Sox bats looked sluggish … for the third time in five games. And they’ve lost successive games for the first time since June.
Better not make it 3 in a row. We have tix for Saturday night’s game.

SURPRISE!!!! 13 pitch, 1-2-3 inning for All-Star Chris Tillman against the mighty Yankee offense…not.
PS If Eduardo Nunez is the fucking future??? We are worse off than even my negative rants indicate…this team is atrocious. The only thing that can save us? ARod. How do you like that. Fucking ARod.

1-2-3 2nd inning for Bartolo…including a nice play by Hip Hip. He better throw a shutout because we are incapable of scoring runs…

Chavez actually made contact…lazy fly ball.
What a huge surprise.
This team is a bunch of gutless, heartless losers. Period.

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