Sox-Jays Postmortem: Hoping for Next Year

It was quite a day for the Red Sox, what with winning their first game since last week — including two home runs. The news was a mix of good and bad and terrifying. Here’s a rough chronological rundown:

  • The Boston Herald reported that Jon Lester is undergoing tests for cancer.
  • The Red Sox scratched David Wells from his start, called up Lenny DiNardo and announced Julian Tavarez as their starter.
  • David Ortiz told a Dominican radio station that he would rejoin the Sox’ lineup Saturday, setting off shouts of joy across Red Sox Nation.
  • About the start of the game, the Sox traded Wells to San Diego for the ever-important PTBNL — likely minor-league catcher George Kottaras, hitting .271 with 10 HR and an .800 OPS over two levels this season.
  • After the game, the Sox traded for 37-year-old Diamondbacks minor-leaguer Kevin Jarvis, who made his major-league debut in 1994, has bounced around the majors and minors in nine organizations (with two of those acquiring him twice), and compiled a 5.97 ERA in 753 innings — nearly exclusively in the National League. No word on who the Sox gave up for him.
  • Then the Sox said Ortiz’s declaration was "very premature," and that he had not consulted with his doctors in making such a prediction.

Whew! Kuds to the Sox FO for facing reality about the current season  and trading Wells for something the organization was solely needing, particularly after the panic-move tradeaway of Bard — a catching prospect, and one who looks like he’s got a pretty good stick, to boot. I think this essentially makes 2006 Mirabelli’s farewell tour in Boston.

Any other comments or thoughts about all the day’s action are welcome.

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  • I understand Big Papi’s tremendous desire to compete and win. I respect Big Papi’s huge devotion to team and his crazy desire to be in the lineup and produce for his beloved Sox. But if what the Sox FO is saying about his statement being extremely premature is true, then I hope Papi takes heed and waits for official medical clearance. For the last thing RSN, or any of us for that matter need is for the Big Man to be rounding the bases and then drop dead of a massive heart attack on the field a la Hank Gathers. That would be utterly horrific. So Papi if you’re out there; be prudent, be safe, and listen to what the Docs say. You’re too valuable to your family, the Sox and RSN, and to the world of baseball in general to take that big of risk.
    -From a Yankfan w/mad respect for David Americo Ortiz.

    bloodyank78 September 1, 2006, 2:24 am
  • I’m not so convinced Mirabelli is done in Boston, if Wakefield is back, Mirabelli will be in camp incase this rookie Catcher there getting can’t handle the knuckler, they won’t make the same mistake twice.
    If they have to carry Mirabelli on the roster next season and the rookie does well in spring, I wouldnt be surprised if Boston carried 3 catchers and worked either Tek or the rookie at first in Spring training some to get extra use out of them.

    TJ September 1, 2006, 1:16 pm
  • I really dislike the idea of a backup-catcher battle in Spring Training — although I think you’re probably right, TJ. If we need the rookie to learn Wake’s knuckleball, then he should get ALL Wake’s starts in camp, including side sessions, etc. Bard didn’t get that opportunity because Huckaby and Flaherty were taking catching time away (although not as much as they could have thanks to one’s injury and the other’s retirement).
    I’d rather we pick a backup in the offseason, whether it be Kottaras or Belli or a free agent, and give him as much knuckler time as possible.

    Paul SF September 1, 2006, 2:21 pm
  • There are some pretty good backups available on the market this year, including Zaun, Barajas, and Pudge (however I think Pudge has a team option, not his own).

    Brad September 1, 2006, 4:30 pm

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