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It’s more fun to watch Jon Lester pitch than it is to say Sox-Rox, though the latter is still fun.  What I don’t get:

“It’s been three years since the Red Sox and Rockies met in Interleague
Play, but the clubs also are familiar with each other after facing off
in the 2007 World Series, which was won by the Red Sox in four games.”

Familiar? Really? After three years? I’d be pressed to name any three _specific_ events that happened to me three years ago within the span of a week and call it familiar. Anyway, Lester’s pitching. Comment away.

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Well that sucked. Was really hoping to get that game with Lester on the mound tonight and Jimenez coming up tomorrow.
But hey, Jimenez has a worse ERA at home…1.85 :)

Sox really needed to win that game. The somewhat good news is that they always play well against great pitchers, but struggle against the average ones.
At least the Rays lost.

“…I haven’t heard from my Ray’s fan buddy in a few weeks… :)…”
yeah, we haven’t heard from our favorite small sample size buddy, paul from waltham either…maybe he’s suffering from, um, small sample size syndrome…remember when he said the rays were a lock to win 100 games based on how they played their first 40 games?…well they’ve lost 7 out of their last 10 [another small sample size of course] and are on a pace to win 97, which still puts 100 within reach, but not exactly the lock it was when they were on pace to win 110+ or whatever it was…and looky, the team that was 8 games out has caught up with the invincible rays [something most of us suggested right here might happen], separated by only a few pct pts…good thing we didn’t end the season after the first 40 games like our friend seemed to want…still a lot of baseball to be played, more slumps, more hot streaks to go, but right now this is starting to shape up like many of us thought…a hotly contested 3 way race to the wire…the only bummer is that 1 of the 3 best teams in baseball won’t get to play in october…
i have tickets to the 7/31 game in tampa…i’ll look for your rays fan buddy…

You think he actually goes to games???? I went to more games when we lived there than he ever has…the Rays fanbase is a joke.
I’ll be in Yankee Stadium in 3 weeks to see us crush the Rays the first game after the all-start break baby!!! I cannot wait.

“…I’ll be in Yankee Stadium in 3 weeks to see us crush the Rays the first game after the all-start break baby!!! I cannot wait. …”
i hope you have a good time and that your prediction plays out…i’m going to yankee stadium sometime in late july…depends on what tickets my son gets for us…sweet

I will brother…believe me! Field level seats between home and first. It’s my first time at the Stadium!
USA WINS!!! I hope you guys all watched it if possible…it was the pinnacle of USA Soccer. I’ve been watching the MNT since 1990 and it’s amazing how far we have come.

Nah Germany is going to win so we won’t have to face them.
Also, for those of us who like tennis: Isner is playing Mahut in the 5th set at Wimbledon right now, and it’s 50-49 in the 5th set (you normally only need 6 games to win, but you have to win by 2).
Amazing sports day. What next, another perfect game tonight?

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