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I rooted for Don Mattingly, though, whenever he came here,”Teixeira said. “He was my
favorite player growing up. When the Yankees came to town, that’s who I rooted for. I loved him. He was my guy. I wore No. 23 every chance I got. So the only time I was allowed to wear Yankees stuff was when Mattingly was coming to town and playing the O’s.”

So every other day, you were in Orioles’ gear?

“Oh yeah. My favorite team was always the Orioles. I’ve always said that,” he said. “But when the Yankees were in town, I’d wear a Mattingly T-shirt and a Yankees hat and root for him.”

You say it best when you say nothing at all, so says the smile on your face.

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Who says you can’t please all of the people all of the time? Seriously though, he’s talking about when he was a kid. Kids don’t know any better.

Why, that two-timing sneak!
…says the fan who has two teams.
What Teixeira is describing sounds funny to me too, but doesn’t this happen quite often? Maybe not as often in Baseball, at least to the point of actually buying an opposing players’ j-shirt, but I see basketball fans on tv rooting for their home team but wearing a LeBron James jersey.

It happens REALLY often after hundred million+ contracts are signed!
Also, don’t you root for teams from two different leagues, two different divisions?

I kinda root for the Rays. They’re fun and lovable. How can you not like Matt Garza and Evan Longoria?

Man, what a liar. He and A-Rod should go join up and form a cutthroat millionaire liars club.

marks wife leigh is a fan of the Paris Berets. during contract negotiations this offseason she told Boras not to sign any contracts till the GM of the Berets had the last chance to match the offer.
when asked about her ties to the Paris ballclub leigh said, “the shopping is just better there.”

He and A-Rod should go join up and form a cutthroat millionaire liars club.
Too late. :-)
When I was growing up, my grandmother was a Red Sox and Braves fan, which I didn’t understand (I don’t think I realized at the time that she probably knew the Braves from their days in Boston) because to me you like the team you like, and even if you like other players from other teams (which I never have really) that doesn’t trump the one favorite team you have. And after the strike in 1994, she refused to watch another baseball game — also something I’ve never understood despite how much the strike broke my heart as a 12-year-old kid. To this day, she hasn’t watched a game.
I don’t know where I’m going with this.

I don’t care how much I liked players from other teams when I was a kid, I would have never, ever, ever, ever, entertained the idea of wearing a shirt of theirs, or a hat, and gone to my home club’s stadium and rooted for a division rival. When I was a kid rooting for the Sox, it would never have entered my mind to pick up a Gath Iorg shirt, or Cal Ripken shirt, and stood and cheered at the Fens for the Blue Jays. That’s because I loved the Sox. When I went to Bruins games, I LOVED watching some opposing players (Mario Lemieux, an idol, comes to mind), but I NEVER would have worn a Lemieux shirt at the Garden and rooted for the Penguins. My brain doesn’t comprehend this partitioning that Teixeira seems to have been capable of.
Then again, I wasn’t a potentially world class ballplayer budding into maturity.
But, that being said, I find this story laughably forced, and probably untrue. As Gerb asks in a way, why can’t these guys just stop talking?!?!

Wow, so I just posted this really long post about how I used to be a hardcore Rangers fan before moving to Boston, and I clicked “post” but nothing happened. Lame.

Meanwhile, Pedroia’s laughable comments make Mark Teixeira seem like a master diplomat:
Pedroia acknowledges he’s angry with the town for something he won’t specify, though it’s safe to assume it involves his older brother Brett’s arrest, in January, on child-molestation charges. (Brett has pleaded not guilty.) “Everyone wants to get out of there,” he goes on. “You don’t want to stay in Woodland. What do you want to stay in Woodland for? The place sucks. The newspaper there, I don’t really get along with. I come from your town. You should embrace me. I play for the Boston Red Sox. You haven’t had a lot of major-leaguers come out of your city.”
Yes, I think it’s quite safe to say that every ballplayer should just shut their mouths.

Actually, no. Turns out he was ‘only kidding’ about Woodland sucking. But the part about the newspapers and the town itself needing to embrace him simply because he’s famous he meant. What a tool.

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