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Spring Is In the Air: Jays-Sox Gamer XVII

Tonight the Red Sox' starting lineup features six members who have played in a combined 184 games for the Sox this season, including five members who were not on the Opening Day roster and another two who were there but have received a grand total of six plate appearances since the trading feadline.

All told, Joey Gathright, George Kottaras, Jed Lowrie and Nick Green have received 18 plate appearances in the past month.

Oh, Tim Wakefield, you have long been the perceived victim of weak lineup construction over the years. You only thought you knew poor lineups. The No. 1 hitter on this club: Gathright, with his 157 OPS+ in four appearances, followed by David Ortiz (101). The other seven: 92, 88, 75, 55, 51, 15, 11.

Yes, if Chris Woodward, Jed Lowrie and Casey Kotchman simply added their OPS+ together, it would not be as high as Julio Lugo's before he was released.

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Has Gathright been playing much? I know of him from fantasy as a legit speed threat, but one of those that can’t quite get on base.. has he been pinch-running/stealing? Can he be Dave Roberts?

Though I understand why the Sox are doing this, I think it’s a shame, if only because this might very well be Tim Wakefield’s last ever start for the Red Sox.
I know that many believe that the Sox will pick up the option. But Wake will have surgery after the season, and we don’t know how that’ll come out. He could very well just simply decide to retire. Or the Sox might believe that he has too many health problems to be a reliable number 5 starter next year.

Realistically though, we probably weren’t going to score a ton on Halladay anyway. and it looks like a ton would have been required.

Nice to look at this score and just laugh.
Just feel a bit sorry for Wake, really. Clearly off the roster with his last couple starts, and uncertain for next year with consistent injury problems, age, and surgery on the horizon…

I’m actually vaguely pissed only because I’m in the finals of a h2h league and the other guy has Halladay. This one looks to be in the bag..

Is there some point when the scrubs perform so poorly and the game is so embarrassing that Francona actually has to sub his starters in to make it respectable? I think we may find out.

I’m just following along on Gameday, but even so, this is making me cringe. So far, dw’s prediction in the last thread is looking uncanny.

The Sox sure don’t look to give two shits about anything right now. Can’t say that is all that inspiring, since they only had to stop giving two shits about 48 hours ago, and the not giving two shits stuff started almost 9 days ago.

I think Wake will be back next year for sure. He’s too cheap an option not to see if he’s able to perform, even if they end up cutting him mid-season.

Yikes, sorry guys, I was going for the reverse jinx, double pump head fake on that… but I was pretty close!

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