The long sports drought that began in late October is about to come to an end. Let the optimism begin!

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  • Tried to transcribe the interview with Lester, early arrival to Fort Myers:
    piano music, visit boston.com
    – Should be fun
    – Chomping (sic) at the bit
    – Sure you guys are glad to get out of God forsaken snow
    – I mean it should be fun
    – Fans happy to escape (certain death by) weather
    – Better to watch us play
    – Get down here in sun
    – Should be fun
    – We’ll see how far we can take it
    **reporters ask questions**
    – I don’t really care about April
    – At the end of the year, everything speaks for itself
    – We’ll go about it and see what happens

    attackgerbil February 7, 2011, 7:10 pm

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