Stand up and be…hit in the head?

Once again we are treated to the disingenuous musings of Joe Torre and Jorge Posada, following last night’s beanball wars. Amazingly, Gary Sheffield is one of the only guys who understands what happened, to his credit. And get Bobby Higginson’s sense of self-worth. Hey, Bobby, you aren’t (and never were) that good! (Actually, maybe Bobby has been the best of the Tigers…yikes!)

From today’s Times:

There were denials all around in the Yankees’ clubhouse – Sturtze and catcher Jorge Posada and Torre saying that the Yankees had planned no retaliation for an incident on Monday. That night, the Tigers’ Esteban Yan was ejected after throwing over Alex Rodriguez’s head, knocking Rodriguez to the dirt after he had homered earlier…

Sheffield, a fiery player who barked at Boston’s Pedro Martínez after Martínez hit him last week, had nothing to say to Urbina. He understood what was happening. “That’s the way the game is,” Sheffield said. “An eye for an eye.”…

“No question,” said right fielder Bobby Higginson, whose two-run homer off Mike Mussina sent the Tigers on their way to a romp. “He’s our best player. Alex is their best player. That’s baseball. I just know. I’ve been here nine years, and I’m usually the one that has to get hit.”

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  • YF is planning a long post on the bean ball issue in the immediate future, so stay tuned (or come back in about 5 hours). But let this be said for now: Sox pitchers have hit 51 batters this year. With the exception of the D-Rays, who also have that number, no other team is EVEN CLOSE to that total. Going into toay’s game.

    YF July 7, 2004, 6:34 pm

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