Stars Return to Alignment?

Pedro last night: 7 ip, 5 h, 5k,1 er, heater back in the 90s, (okay, low 90s).
A-rod last night: 3-6 (okay, all singles).

Otherwise, we’re guessing Donny Baseball’s going to have one eye on his hitters, and the other eye up on the DiamondVision tonite at Cellphone Field (or whatever they’re calling this new Comiskey), watching to see if Barry ties his consecutive-games-with-a-home-run record.

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  • And how about that Yankees 5th spot in the rotation?! I wonder what pitcher is in Cashman’s eye…
    (Actually, check that – how about that Yankees #2, #4, and #5 spots in the rotation!? I wonder what team’s staff is in Cashman’s eye…)

    SF April 21, 2004, 2:09 pm

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