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Steady As She Goes: Tigers-Sox ALCS Gamer II

One of the great things about this Red Sox team is they don’t seem to carry over any negativity from a loss into their next game. And after being 1-hit and losing 1-0, they’re going to need all the positivity they can get when Cy Young winner Scherzer (sure, it’s not official yet, but let’s be real here) takes on Buchholz at the Fens. The Sox need this game for any realistic shot in this series. Let’s see if they can get it. Comment away.

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Yeah, amazing.

One question: if Hunter tumbles into the pen with the ball in his hand, it’s an out, right? Maybe a silly question, but a friend asked me and I wasn’t 100% sure.

PBE: correct. It’s an out if his feet were touching or above the “field of play” when the catch was made. If he is out of the field of play when the catch was made, it’s not an out.

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