Stephen Drew to the Red Sox

It appears the front office is not content to let the left side of the infield rot in horrific offensive production (and they only had to spend $10 million with over $20 million still left in cap space for the season after this move).  While it will be interesting to see if Bogaerts plays shortstop against lefties to continue his development at the position (he’ll probably mostly play 3rd), I’m excited to see someone who can reliably make the play and make the difficult ones look easy.  And who’s no slouch with the stick.  Drew will require a week or two’s worth of AB’s in the minors before he joins the big club.  We’re getting the band back together!  Think they can pry Salty from the Marlins?  Think Nava could come back and not suck?  I doubt Jacoby Ellsbury is walking through that door, though maybe a good outfielder could be acquired via trade if the team manages to hang around in the division long enough for such a move to be worthwhile.

Sorry for the missed gamers.  The Red Sox lost for the fifth time in a row.  They did not lose four in a row from the start of 2013 until this past weekend.  The Yankees saw a different streak come to an end when Masahiro Tanaka lost a game.  He had not done that in the regular season since August of 2012, then pitching for the Rakuten Golden Eagles (he did lose a postseason game in 2013, though).  Today’s loss was to the Cubs, of all teams (it was the Cubs’ second look at the “rookie”).

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