Stretching it Out

It’s almost time.  Friday Matt Clement said something with confidence.  Then Curt let loose 102 pitches in one of his last appearances before the regular season starts, striking out ten.  Next? Keith Foulke makes his second consecutive lights-out appearance. And just this afternoon Josh Beckett aired it out for six, with Craig Hansen shutting the door.  We don’t put much stock in Spring Training results, as the games don’t count and the lineups are all over the place, but it is at least worth noting that the Sox’ heavily question-marked pitching staff seems to be rounding into shape.   There’s no way of knowing how healthy everyone will be over the long haul — we’re placing no bets — but at least it looks like there will be a very strong runner in the blocks when the starter’s gun is fired.

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  • Ten strikeouts are nice, but wasn’t it against a triple-A team? And didn’t he give up 5 runs?

    tom yf March 27, 2006, 1:41 pm
  • Sure. Hence the “we don’t put much stock in results”. The key item that I gleaned was that Schilling threw 102 pitches, and was stronger in the 6th than he was in the 1st. Though I have no sense of whether his pitches were darting all over or if his control was spectacular, it’s good to see Schilling back in the position to throw lots of pitches, which means his endurance is up and his ankle must be feeling better.

    SF March 27, 2006, 1:51 pm
  • Other pressing matters: The Yanks have optioned Kevin Thompson and Kevin Reese to Columbus, leaving the fifth outfielder/utility slot open for Bubba Crosby. That’s nice for Bubba; sort of. It could mean a lot of playing time, if there are injuries or when those in front of him need to rest. Or that time could be intermittent. There’s no escaping the fact, however, that he was outplayed this spring by Thompson and Reese, ether of whom would likely provide more pop (by a considerable margin) off the bench. They’ll both see consistent time in the minors. If they catch fire, and Bubba struggles in his here-and-there at bats, expect to see one of the boys in the bigs, and quickly. Or perhaps a front-office move to bring in someone from outside the system. But not Matt Lawton.

    YF March 27, 2006, 1:53 pm

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