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Subway Part II: Mets-Yanks Gamer

The Yankees' pythag is 25-18.  Doesn't that make you feel better?  Me neither.

Chris Capuano and AJ Burnett are the starters for today's game at The Stadium.

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Nice play by nunez to get the force at second. Then Cano muffs an inning-ending DP…ball took a bad hop, to be fair, and Cano got one at 1st. Then makes a nice play for the 3rd.
Looks like a good visit by Rothschild…

Granderson looked lost tonight against Capuano until that laser HR. 2 Ks and down 0-2, then BAM. 8 HRs this year off lefties. Remember when people said he couldn’t hit vs. lefties?

Boone single – 1st and 3rd for Beltran – the tying run. Boone just sucks – please face it Girardi. He pulls him for Robertson – the Yanks’ version of Seal Team 6.

Induces in-field popout from Bay. Another awesome job by Robertson. I gotta look up his stats on inherited runners stranded. He has been fantastic in tight spots all year.

I got to watch this one. I’m starting to wonder if Granderson’s improvement against lefties means he’ll reach superstar status by the end of the season.
Joba has looked very good the last few times I’ve seen him, and Robertson’s stuff is absolutely filthy.

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