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Sunday Afternoon Baseball: O’s-Sox Gamer

Gotta love lounging on a lazy Sunday watching the games, watching other people go to work.  Clay Buchholz has had a dismal season.  He gets the start today with the hope of turning things around against Tommy Hunter and the Orioles.  Comment away.

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A banner day already for the Boring Sox.
Cook goes on DL bec. of the knee laceration. Andrew Miller recalled.

Buchholz gives up a homer to the second batter he faced, and four hard-hit balls in the top of the first. 1-0 bot 1.

Pedey IF single w/2 outs, the caught stealing.
Our fate is sealed early. This game will be bad and boring.

Hardy hammers a hanging curveball, his second of the game. 2-0. Nine homers now allowed by Bucky on the season. Somehow it seems like it should be more than that.

Got a break there. Good thing Wieters is so slow.
Another terrible outing for Clay.
And as I type it gets more terrible with a three-run shot by Andino.
Clay cannot possibly be healthy, pitching like that.

Man, watching these games is awful. The Sox look hopeless and, even worse, boring. Buchholz clearly doesn’t have it this year and I have no idea how he’ll improve. At this point, I think I’m rooting for a Rangers/Cardinals World Series reunion more than anything else – that would be some quality entertainment.

From Gordon Edes:
Uncanny: Almost same time Middlebrooks hit HR, his sister Lacey hit 3-R HR for University of Tulsa softball. She’s also pitching 1-H shutout

I hate this games. It’s so wrong for Hill to have to pitch multiple innings, so soon after coming back from Tommy John surgery.
It must be nice to have starters who regularly go seven or maybe even eight innings. Wonder how that feels.

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