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Sunday Common Game Thread

It’s dumping in the Bronx; ARod should have worn hip-waders. Oh, it’s raining as well and the game is on delay.

Meanwhile, Boston can slide back into a virtual tie for first in the east with a win at the Trop while Toronto hosts the Orioles. Consider this your place to comment on all the Sunday action.

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I’m surprised it’s raining in Washington/New York; it’s absolutely gorgeous outside here in southern VA.

Gorgeous would be the very last word (along with dry) id use to describe the weather in nyc today. Not much chance this game gets played.

Why would you ever walk Ortiz at this point? He can’t hit 90mph grooved fastballs – let him hurt you if he can.

I am heading down to Tampa to set Julio Lugo on fire. Anyone with me?

3-1 Rays after 6. Penny at 110 pitches, will be replaced by MDC in the 7th. I guess that qualifies as a quality start. Not his fault that the offense can’t get anything going since the first.

Delcarmen hits two batters in a row, forces in a run that way. A highly original way to allow his first earned run of the season.
This game is no fun to watch at all.

Lugo is determined to be DFA. I swear he’s playing like shit on purpose.
Watch us get one run this inning now.

Wow, Longoria is a HUGE douchebag. The foul balls is 8 feet into the crowd, and a fan catches the ball instead of him, and he’s yelling and screaming at the fan. A RAYS fan.
Boo fucking hoo.

Ath, Longo could have caught that one.
But here’s the best part: That Bartman was apologizing to everyone around him, shrugging, and he was wearing a Longoria T-shirt.

Yeah, but it was far enough in the stands that it’s understandable that the fan didn’t let him get it. Also, it’s one thing for fans to ridicule him for it, but for the player himself to yell and scream and cuss at him for about 15 seconds after the play is inexcusable.

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