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Keep It Going: Orioles-Sox Gamer IX

Sox go for the sweep against the Orioles at Fenway. Here's hoping. Comment away!

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Winning 2 of 3 is nice and all, but it’s at home, it’s against a crap team, the bats still don’t really seem alive, and Jon Smoltz is sucking again.
Torrential rain on a minor parade.

Ok, so the Smoltz signing is looking like a Theo fail, the question is how long before Theo recognizes this.
If the playoffs started today, this team would make a quick exit from the playoffs. How can anyone feel good about this team as currently configured?

Clearly, this Smoltz experiment had been a disappointment. But What do they have that would be a better option right now?
If not Smoltz in this spot, who? Masterson? Bowden?

“If not Smoltz in this spot, who?”
Wakefield, ASAP, I figure. Not that that’s a ton of comfort, exactly.
Well, Saito, Penny, and Baldelli have been functional. It would have been expected that one of the four “experiments” had worked out, and the Sox (thus far) have made good use of three of them.

Pedro doubles in a run, 6-2 now. Now if only the A’s can lose to the Yankees…

What the Red Sox really need to get their engines firing on all cylinders again is to play a soft team — like the Yankees, say…

Yeah, that’s exactly what the Sox need: to play the hottest team in baseball right now. If Smoltz is getting hammered against the O’s, A’s and Nats, how would he do against a real team?

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