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Sunday Getaway: Royals-Yanks Gamer

Sean O'Sullivan mans the mound for the Royals while Phil Hughes gets his giddyup on for the Bombers.  Comment away.

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Yanks win but the main take-away: A-Rod hit with a fastball in the hand with bases loaded in the 8th. Did not look good and came out with Monahan holding his forearm. No word yet on x-ray results

Posada is looking AWFUL behind the plate lately. A case of the 38 year old catcher blues? He’s still been pretty good with the bat, though. So our pitchers and starting catcher (defensively) have been struggling since the break. Maybe some relation?
I hate the feeling I get when Joba comes in now. I really want to root for the guy, and most guys who come up through the system. But a trip to AAA to work things out seems like the best option. Trading the guy would be a heartbreaker for me. He’s too talented to stay the way he has been this season.

Javy pitches very well while Granderson hits a huge 2-run go-ahead HR in the 8th. Big news (other than Garza’s no-hitter in Tampa): Joba passed up in the 8th for Robertson.

hate to root against the guy, but my daughter and i have tickets for tomorrow [sat] nite in tampa, so i hope arod’s hr drought lasts until his first at bat…but, if he hits one tonite and it turns out to be the game-winner, i won’t complain

So…rubber game against the 2nd place team and we don’t run out the A team? Not a big game Joe? Really???
And of course we give up the early lead per always…

0-3. CC pitching like shit, Berkman really sucking at 1st, essentially cost the us at least one run by not being able to scoop a throw, no hits, ARod and Gardner on the bench…I am seriously at a loss.
Sometimes I think Joe really sucks as a manager, but maybe it’s just me being me.

almost a week with no fresh gamers? what’s up with that?
…was at last nite’s game…had fun…a lot of yankee fans in attendance so we didn’t feel alone…was a great game, especially since the yanks won…cano’s homer was hammered…mo, i love…guy behind me was a real tool…didn’t shut up the whole game…i learned that arod used ped’s, while no ray ever has…the yanks spend a lot of money on players…derek jeter is old and therefore “can’t get it done anymore”…cano is the only player in the yankee lineup that the rays are afraid of…the game was over in the 3rd inning…carl crawford is apparently some kind of god in rays-fantasy-land [i gave him that one]…despite having the best record in baseball, the yanks are not “even close” to being the best team…and i’ll never be cool because i wear yankees gear…the best one though was that yankees fans have rose-colored glasses, and the “glasses are only half full”…hehe…believe it or not, the whole time i never said a word…i just let him make a fool of himself and let the game play out…

Do you live in Tampa??? The wife and I sat through many a night in “The Dump” being hounded by all 10 of the Rays fans in attendance pre-’08. They really are morons down there. I think I hate the Rays more than anyone now…my friend in Tampa’s wife is talking smack to me on FB. Talk about laughable.

I just don’t understand Girardi’s thinking for this game…2 game lead, split the first two games and can either make it 3 or 1 and your best player and your sparkplug??? WTF??? You basically gave them this game Joe…great job idiot.

no, i don’t live in tampa krueg…i actually live a few hours north of there, closer to gainesville…my first trip to the trop…i’d have to agree, the place was not designed for baseball…don’t like the whole roof thing either…seeing the rays in person made me appreciate them even more…they are very good…yep, you can tell that their fans haven’t been at this very long…not as clever or original as yankee and sox fans with the insults…i even heard a “yankees suck” chant a couple of times…sheesh…the one that hurt the most though was not being cool…all this time i hoped i was…
“…dc- it was a pleasure sitting behind you saturday nite….” … hehe ;) …well rod, it was not a pleasure sitting in front of you, at least not until the yankees went ahead in the 9th and mo came in to shut you up for good…

That place is brutal…and the fans are just ridiculous. When we were going pre-08, it was just like they wanted to ruin the experience for YF’s because they were so bad. Now, I guess it’s just like SF’s post-04, got a little taste of success and now think they are in the same realm and the Yankees…laughable.

“… it was just like they wanted to ruin the experience for YF’s …”
well, that was the impression we had about this guy, but let me make it clear, he was the lone culprit in our section…the rest of the rays fans, during and after the game were friendly [except for the drunk that didn’t think we were cool ;) ] …his schtick wasn’t just all-in-fun banter like we might expect in an opposing ballpark…it had the feeling of a miserable loser just trying to f-up the first time i took my kid to a rays game [he could hear her ask me questions about baseball, and he had a comment for every answer]…that made it a little personal…this guy even seemed to get under the skin of the few rays fans around us…it sucked because it was difficult to follow the game with his constant crap in my ear…i thought about trying to change my seat, but in a way it was perversely entertaining…the guy came off like a total a** clown…even my kid thought it was funny…
“…Do you live in Tampa rod?? …”
he might, but i’m assuming that he was kidding about being the guy behind me krueg…this guy was a rays fan, who probably hates the sox almost as much as the yankees…and, i can’t imagine rod wanting to own that a-hole’s behavior…that would be pretty disappointing…i am going to try to go to one of the games in sept…if the logistics are right and you guys do want to meet for a beer, i can let you know the details once i know them…

It just sounded like him dc, that’s why I asked.
After going to a game at the Stadium, I doubt I will ever go to “The Dump” again for a game. It’s ridiculous that people would hound you when you are with your kid. Not to mention your daughter? I would have said something to the usher. I’ve had to in the past and they were always nice about helping out.

“…It just sounded like him dc, that’s why I asked. …”
well, i was just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt…i hope nobody from this site would be such a total hater to spoil a family’s nite out…he did sound pleased that my $250 nite was less pleasant than it could of been…would be a whopper of a coincidence if it was him…anyway thanks for the advice about asking the usher for help…i’ll certainly consider it next time…the guy was harmless, just annoying as hell…

it wasn’t me. i’m in los angeles, where angel fans lack conviction and enough baseball knowledge to shout down opposing fans. but it is funny/sad how some folk feel a $15 ticket entitles them to acting like an ass for 4 hours.
ag- no offense meant. i know you’re still here. maybe/may be.

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