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Sunday Pancake Breakfast: Yanks-Tigers Gamer III

We interrupt your morning news for Derek Jeter homering off Verlander to set the tone, and another run in the top of first for good measure.  Phil Hughes on the mound for the Bombers as we speak.

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And Phil Hughes continues to tease us. From looking unfit for AAA to throwing a gem fit for an ace and back again. I just don’tt know what to think of this guy anymore. Detroit has a tough lineup and he made a very hot-hitting Cabrera look bad a couple times. I just don’t know, but I loved it.

Lightning took out my phone, interweb and DirecTV…not cool.
Luckily, one DirecTV receiver was unharmed so I could watch the game.
Still struggled with RISP, per usual, but hit a couple bombs so…
Hughes was great. That was his yearly tease game.
BIG win though. Going against Verlander on the road? Big win.

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