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Sunday’s Best

Around the horn, slim pickings today.

Boston Globe – Edes, with his typically thorough roundup of items, some trivial, some not.

Jack Curry, in the New York Times here, says what I said about Manny in a previous post, but more eloquently and more professionally.

Joel Sherman, in the Post, on Jeter. Scroll down for the first hint of injury-related excuse-making.

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This is the worst story ever written on Mr. Jeter. No doubt, the Yankees never showed up to Game 7 and neither did bambino. But, come one I never heard this kind of crap when Johnny Damon lead the Red Sox to a 3-0 game count and you haven’t heard this kind of bashing for the 86 years that the Red Sox mourned .. this guy should be fired … for including only one legitimate piece of evidence …
1. a slump and the ever famous salary crap …. Since 2000 … the salary excuse went down the drain where was this guy?

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