Sunday’s Best – Rivals’ Edition

1. Not one of Gordon’s best , but still worth a look, if just for the nugget at the end giving us a taste of Bobby Valentine’s egomania. Only in V’s world is a club executive asking him his opinion of a single managerial move a “job interview”.

2. The Herald and Tony Massarotti actually show up this weekend. Again, not earth-shattering journalism, but entertaining, and the juiciest piece, as in the Globe, is near the end, detailing a very funny prediction by The Sporting News.

3. Non-Boston, but Jack Curry of the New York Times does a nice job here on a story about Tuffy Rhodes in Japan.

4. Once again, the booby prize goes to my man Chass for a ridiculously uninformative column about the NL Central’s pitching wars. No conviction, just a bunch of interviews and simplistic speculation. Even the article’s title is amateur hour. A good question would be why I even bother with his stuff…

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  • It should be noted that the Valentine story was reported earlier this week in the Times, along with speculation that he might someday succeed Torre in NY. (Valentine and Steinbrenner? There’s a match made in tabloid heaven.)

    YF March 28, 2004, 10:54 am
  • One can only hope he follows Torre – that would be a great move…for the rest of the AL East.

    SF March 28, 2004, 11:36 am

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