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Everyone knows that what’s really important today is the food that you get to eat. We are having a chicken wing buffet, five different styles of wings available for choosing. Also corn dogs beignets. Owning a deep fryer is a dangerous thing in so many ways. Oh yes, we’ll watch the game too, but I really honestly could not care less who wins. Chow time. What are you eating?

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The most entertaining thing about this game has been the power failure.

Okay, the 109-yard TD return was pretty good.

Okay, fine, I’m not even really watching the game, just catching the highlights.

Pretty meh at the end there (I didn’t have a horse in this one). Now to watch my wife cook some ribeyes and finish the garlic mashed potatoes (I made this topical in the end for you, ag) before we watch MasterChef Australia (the best cooking show in the world–which you can’t legally watch in America).

OH, and followed off by some Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream (best fucking ice cream on the planet).

ag, I’m glad to hear it! The judges are more supportive than on the typical American/British program, I find (less like Gordon Ramsay, though I do often find him entertaining), while still giving criticism as appropriate. The three main judges are fairly charming, and the format (multiple episodes per week) manages to be engaging and let you get to really know the contestants. And it’s not played as much for “drama” (yick) as the typical American reality show. Much more about the cooking.

“@gehrig38: outing the person would not do anything for anyone. It wasn’t anyone in uniform, nor the baseball ops group”

Who the fuck WAS it then? A groundskeeper?

Real guess is a doctor, maybe.

Again via SoSH:

MLB statement regarding comments made by former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling:

“At the time of the incident in question in 2008, the Boston Red Sox immediately reported the allegations to Major League Baseball as required by our investigative protocols. Once the Red Sox reported the matter, Major League Baseball assumed sole responsibility for the investigation. The Club handled the matter consistent with all MLB rules and requirements and in a manner that was above reproach.

“Major League Baseball thoroughly investigated the allegations and considers the matter closed.”

Devine, please shoot me an email when you have the time, or check your hotmail account.

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