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Surprise! Sox-O’s Afternoon Gamer

I'm always caught unawares by the afternoon games, but here's a gamer for this one, anyway. With Andrew Miller on the mound, the Sox try to take the series and avoid back-to-back losses for the first time since June.

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Work etiquette tip:
I don’t give a fuck if it is the fucking lunch hour, if you bring your goddam grandkids to the office and they’re running around screaming, take them the fuck home.

Oh man. Maybe it’s because I’m 25 and have no desire to procreate for several more years, but kids annoy the hell out of me. My wife and I went to a wedding last week and they were at least 20 children, and the parents let them run everywhere. One even grabbed my iPhone off the table and started playing with it, and it took us over an hour to find it.
Ironically at my own wedding last year we explicitly stated that children were not welcome, and one family (relatives of the couple that got married last week) refused to come since we wouldn’t let them bring their six children all under the age of 9.

Watching Miller today, I’m reminded of this old Lucy Show (or maybe it was Here’s Lucy)episode.
Lucy’s son meets a major league pitcher. (I thought it was Don Drysdale but IMDB indicates otherwise.)
The conversation was something lilke this:
Pitcher: I hear you’re a pitcher.
Boy: Yes. I threw a no-hitter last week.
Pitcher: That’s quite an accomplishment.
Boy. But I walked 19.

3+ perfect innings from the relievers, and a respectable start from our 7th starter. If we’re going to go 0-10 with RISP I’m happy for it to happen on a day when the pitching rocks.

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