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Owing to numerous comments/questions about my mindset following the Sox’ championship, I thought I’d ask our commenters, particularly Yankees fans, what exactly am I supposed to do about commenting on the Sox, the Yankees, on baseball in general, now that my life is totally, utterly complete.   Should I:

A) give up blogging entirely, since the Red Sox won and therefore there’s nothing for me to write about?

B) say nothing but nice things about the Yankees and their fans, since the Red Sox destroyed them all in 5 short days in October and therefore need a break?

C) not post anything sarcastic about a team that I despise, and stick to blogging warm fuzzies about the Red Sox only?

D) just give up caring about who is the best team in the AL East, and how they might get another championship?


E) savor the current championship, watch the "Faith Rewarded" DVD over and over, listen to the radio calls of WEEI of the end of the ALCS and WS over and over on my IPod, wear my ugly hat around proudly, blog about the current state of the team and their rival, and still stick it to the Yankees and their fans when I feel, owing to the theme of this blog?

I can’t decide, so help me out here.

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  • E all the way.

    MRhé December 17, 2004, 10:18 am
  • Agreed. Stick it to them. Some are already celebrating victory in ’05, & not a pitch has been thrown, just because Pedro moved on & they think they have Johnson all wrapped up. Just like they had the ALCS all wrapped up.

    AJ December 17, 2004, 4:00 pm
  • I’ll also go with E, as it will likely be another 86 years before you get to celebrate again. Savor it while you can.

    bronxborn December 17, 2004, 7:02 pm

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