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Take a Hike, Redux

Lest we be charged with being a partisan hack, we thought it important to offer the Boston version of Phil Mushnick’s cost-comparison.

For the same cost of sitting in the cushiest spot at Fenway, one could catch a Greyhound bus to Cleveland, sit in the Diamond Box at the Jake&nbsp, and have a meal at Beard Prize nominee Michael Symon’s Lola. No hotel, though, you need to get right back on the bus to Beantown.

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That said, for schmoes like me, Fenway is more expensive. I drove by Lansdowne on Thursday and they wanted $35 for parking (where we pay $19 in the Bronx). The closest seats to what I have at YS 2.0 ($20) in Fenway is $30/ticket. So before we even get to food, my Dad and I have already saved enough ($36) to pay for a substantial meal at the Court Deli. And that’s if I can get a ticket to Fenway whereas I’ll see the Sox three times at YS 2.0.
And for the money I’d rather go to O Ya in Beantown.

Well, we aren’t doing a “cheap seats” comparison, Rob. If we did that I bet we’d see a much bigger restriction on travel distances to see away games. The Bolt bus is a buck, though!

I was just speaking personally. I live 12 miles from Fenway and it’s cheaper for me to see a game at Yankee Stadium – gas or bus included!

Really? It’s cheaper for you to get to the bronx and back than to take the T to Fenway?

“see a game at Yankee Stadium”
2 Tickets:
$40 vs. $60
$19 vs. $35
We’re out in the burbs, so if we wanted to MBTA it, that’s $28 round trip (commuter plus T). Now a tank of gas costs me $25, so that’s a wash (Yankees = $40 + $19 + $25 = $84; Sox = $60 + $28 = $88). But that’s assuming I can get an upper deck ticket at face value for Fenway. I easily can for Yankee Stadium (even without a ticket plan).

Another option. Keep it in Brooklyn. Car Service to Coney. Tickets to the Cyclones. Hot dogs from the original Nathans. And a night of dancing at Primorski in Brighton Beach (w/ all the vodka you can handle) to cap it off.

One LAST option. Pick up a couple of slices, sit fat ass on couch and watch YES on the screen and the Sox on the laptop. Not too shabby, at least when you pro-rate the costs of cable and MLBtv. Plus, I don’t run the risk of having beer thrown at me, unless the wife is particularly ornery that night.

56 pitches after 6.1 innings for Halladay? He truly is a master at his craft.
ARod getting the “steroids” cheer is weird. These fans are really letting him have it–throwing foul balls back on the field too.

I like that last option best, especially because I don’t want to spend one more cent watching the likes of Kevin Cash and Brett Gardner.
This team is old and infirm, especially without the PEDs and greenies. And the GM needed to be fired in 2005. Instead, he’ll spend almost half a billion over two years and not win 90 games either time.
But at least we have Angel Berroa.

see, isn’t this much more fun to talk about than manny, merloni, and the duke?…hey, that could be a song…maybe

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