Team Turmoil!

As the Sox plunge in the standings, with the surging Yankees ready to reassume their rightful place atop the division, the Boston clubhouse has devolved into a grim pit of bitter divisiveness. compares this team to the 01 squad, who "disgraced the franchise and this city with their selfish antics in the face of national disaster." That’s right. The Sox are so bad they’re a disgrace to 9-11. Someone call Guiliani. Or at least get the Fab Five back. The wives are fighting. Damon plans to leave. Millar wants a trade. Everyone has an idea about who should be doing what in the bullpen. Could it get worse? How about this: Joey Cora is a Red Sox. And he’s gonna play. It’s not good people. That big trophy with the flagsā€”don’t get used to it. In fact, maybe you should have Schilling oil it up nice so its extra shiny when you give it back to the Yanks. Now that he’s out in the bullpen, he’ll have plenty of time on his hands.

[EDIT:  We aren’t in the business of interejcting on each other’s posts, but YF seems to have this problem recently of posting as me.  I know he’s jealous of my blogging skills, but come on, this thread is even beneath my low level.  I, SF, did not post this snarky and nearly sub-mental critique of our current WORLD CHAMPIONS.  It was YF.  In other words, the first comment, in which I apparently call myself a "dimwit", was directed at YF.  But you all knew that, right?]

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  • It’s Alex Cora, you dimwit.

    SF July 8, 2005, 3:37 pm
  • Alex Cora. Joey Cora. Whatever.
    The inaccurate author line is the result of a formatting change at Typepad, and certainly not a desire for imposture.

    YF July 8, 2005, 6:39 pm

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