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Tek Mate: Another Former Catcher Retires

Okay, that was mean.  But it does mark the passing of an era, what with Tek and Posada — each of whom were powerful presences in their clubhouses — both retiring.

It’s time to move on. It probably was time to move on some time ago. I will miss the intensity and passion both of those players brought to their game.

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Bobby V is running his mouth again…I think I’m really going to hate the Sox again this year. Not much to hate about Francona, dude was pure class, Bobby is a bridge troll by comparison. Not to mention not in the same class in terms of actually winning.

Wow, how many fights were had here about Posada versus Varitek. Now nary a peep as they both ride off into the sunset? Well, at least we know Posada was vastly superior.
It still amazes me that “mask on” is somehow tough and brave. But then if the Sox can get Jim Rice (career .789 OPS on the road) into the Hall of Fame, then no amount of truth really matters.

Krueg, don’t start hating them again, not yet at least. This is Valentine’s way of deflecting from last year’s debacle, his ban on alcohol in the clubhouse and his ace’s quest to find find last year’s snitch in the clubhouse. His comments had nothing to do with the Yankees and all to do with him trying to change the focus. It’s the beginnings of a Boston Rex Ryan, minus the boastful guarantees. Big picture he should be focused on his lack of a SS, the platoon situation in RF and the back end of their rotation but for now he’s deflecting. Not to mention he’s replacing a very well liked and respected manager among the players.
By the way can you tell he hasn’t managed in a long time? He picks the flip and Tek fighting with his mask on to comment about? Next up Bucky Dent’s HR.
On topic: Tek is probably my LFRS of all time. I really, really dislike him as a player. I am sure he’s probably a great guy, but as a player him and Papi are tops on my list. I will not miss him one bit. In my dream scenario someone would have plunked him in one the final yankee/sox games last season then A-Rod charge in and whisper in his ear “We don’t throw at .221 hitters”…To his credit his teammates loved him, pitchers loved throwing to him and he was (for a time) one of the games best offensive catchers. He has a career he should certainly be proud of.

It is sad that SF and Paul don’t even think to come around when major events have completely changed their team. I guess when you’re that defeated by two successive third-place seasons, you’re always going to be too busy.
Here’s hoping the Sox show some life this season if only to better throw fried chicken at the SFs here. At least they’ll show up then. The best Atheose can do now is complain about You guys really have lost all spunk!

Couldn’t agree more with your critique of Valentine, John.
The funny thing is I’m not going to be surprised if they play well for him. He’ll put the best team on the field and the right guys (Pedroia, Bard, Lester, Crawford) will play well for him. The question is whether they have enough talent at the margins to avoid third place again. Beckett may not be happy but he has to come up huge this year.

I WANT to hate them John…just really haven’t had a reason to lately. I think Bobby will change all that.
(I understand why he is doing it, I’ve just always hated Bobby. Seems like a lout to me)

That’s the best you got Atheose? Damn, I really hope the Sox start well just so you guys cheer up a bit. Short of a championship, will SF and Paul ever come back?
Pineda has me really excited about this Yankee team. With the pitching staff I can see a truly memorable season. Thankfully no one here is silly enough to project 103 wins.

James, leave SF and Paul out of your comments. You want to troll the people that are here, we can defend ourselves but no reason to include them. And again, they aren’t avoiding YFSF, they have other things going on. There’s no correlation. Just talk baseball with those that are here.

Ugh, you too krueg? And after the SF overlords almost banned you while you were carrying this site through the 2010 season?
Funny how they don’t show up when their team encounters an epic collapse. And after all the homerific talk we had to endure last February. Remember how awesome Carl Crawford was going to be? Heh.

not a big fan of watering down the playoffs with teams that don’t deserve to be in them…is there a scenario where a “deserving” team gets in only because of the additional playoff slot?…sure, so in that sense it works…this is bpud’s not so subtle way of trying to insure that the big 3 from the AL east are able to get in…
varitek v. posada…not sure why that was ever a discussion to begin with
varitek v. arod…still funny…not sure which part is funnier…arod eating a glove sandwich, or varitek with full gear on trying to be mr. tough guy
bobby v….what can you say…maybe it was time for a change…i don’t think we really know the dynamics behind francona’s departure…but this guy, really?…maybe it works and the team rebounds…but if i’m a sox fan there’s no way this move instills confidence, let alone be seen as an upgrade
bobby v. v jeter…jeter’s response was awesome, and bobby’s already back-pedaling…think, then speak bobby…you got it backwards…i guess being an espn analyst doesn’t require doing any actual research or fact gathering…should translate well to managing…
talked about this the other day, but i still don’t buy the “don’t have time” excuse john…sure life gets in the way sometimes, and i’m sure that being a mod is a big time commitment, but i don’t think it’s a coincidence that everybody suddenly got too busy once the sox started to slip…i admitted that my interest has an ebb and flow to it all according to how the yankees and sox are doing…i also stopped coming here when i realized the lack of respect for jeter’s 3000 hits…no post…really?…yep, it’s just a number, and 2999 is pretty good too…johnny damon might even do it if he sticks around long enough…more appropriate for a yf to do a post about the yankees than an sf [huh?]…i know all the arguments…but no post for a career milestone accomplished by maybe a couple dozen players in history?…not even a low key 1-liner to say this guy’s been pretty good for a long time?…boo

If you want to shake things up then hiring a manager who is clearly a my-way-or-the-highway kind of guy may be just what the doctor ordered. Having said that, Bobby’s choice of subjects was ridiculous for the reasons you state John. Not to mention plainly wrong (both re: the Yankees practicing that play AND the bizarre comment that Giambi would have been out if Jeter had let the ball go — but for the laws of physics that statement might be plausible).
As for the Yankee reaction, I actually thought A-Rod’s reaction was even better than Jeter’s (“I’m not going to win a war of words, especially with Bobby V”). That comment is at the same time pithy, self-deprecating, feigning respect for Bobby, and yet insulting him all at the same time. I have to say that whatever the Yankees did with A-Rod post-PED exposure to work on his public statements has worked. He either says nothing of interest these days (the Derek Jeter school of PR) or drops a gem like this response to Bobby V. I won’t put it past A-Rod to land on the back-pages of the tabloids some day soon, but from the 2009 season on he has not been the aggravating distraction I had become accustomed to. Now if he would just start raking again.
dc, the no-post on Jeter’s milestone last year is largely my fault as I called that I would put one up and then just didn’t. I had a monster Godzilla-post forming in my mind, started doing the research, got swamped with other things, and let it all slide. A brief celebratory post at least would have been infinitely better. My apologies to all on that. The milestone itself was great, but the way he did it on a HR as part of a 5-for-5 day in a nip and tuck day when they needed every one of those hits was pure Jeter brilliance. I am ashamed.

This isn’t the place for baiting and doing the typical YF vs SF thing James, it’s that simple.
Have I made mistakes here before? Yep. Have others? Yep.
Bottom line, I like talking to SF/Ath/PBE and others that a level-headed fans that don’t want to fight. I am tired of it.
You come on here and do nothing but bait people. Why? Go to some other message board to do that man. Check the comment section on ESPN. Otherwise, yes, I will continue to ignore you dude.

There’s two different arguments going on here. First 1 is that there’s disappointment in the amount of posts in general, the other is the amount of posts by Sox fans. The first argument I can work on and most definitely have control over. I will make more of an effort (even though my season begins tomorrow) to post more, especially when there are such huge milestones reached like 3000 hits. As for the second argument I can only say that knowing Paul and SF, I highly doubt they are ducking. They might be disappointed or disenchanted with the their team but I’d put money on the fact they aren’t skipping past YFSF because they have their tails between their legs. When they return they can address this, until then just let it go.

“…dc, the no-post on Jeter’s milestone last year is largely my fault as I called that I would put one up and then just didn’t. …I am ashamed….”
well, it’s over now…my hurt feelings are healed…hahaha…i simply thought that with 6 or so mods, someone would have found the time to put up a one-liner…didn’t even need a picture…it shouldn’t be an yf/sf thing…gerb did the one about varitek retiring…and he may have done the one about wake retiring…he’s picked up nicely for you slackers…hahaha
i agree john…i don’t think those guys are afraid of us…rather, like me, they may have lost interest when the team started to decline into this rather odd off-season, and let other life priorities shift some of their focus…nothing wrong with that at all…not much to get excited about just yet…i’ve always considered myself a diehard loyal yf, but i’d be fibbing if i told you i don’t lose focus when they stink…and now, thanks to this rivalry, i need both teams to be doing well…shame on me

Following up on dc and IH, I definitely have mixed feelings about Bobby V as a Sox fan. At first, i thought letting Francona go was a bad call since he was so good for so long, but watching everything that’s played out since, I do now think it was time to shake things up. So that makes me feel like Bobby’s a good choice. But this stuff about Jeter and A-Rod just has me rolling my eyes and remembering why I was skeptical about this. Still, it’s just spring training – barring something totally insane, I’ll definitely need to give him a full season before I can judge.

It’s going to be very easy for YFs to point to Bobby V as a buffoon and a boob. He will undoubtedly make enough boneheaded remarks to cause YFs to point and laugh and rational self-respecting SFs like you s_w to roll their eyes. But of course, none of that matters. If his team wins, his act will be tolerated in Boston – even lauded and credited by some – and it will annoy the hell out of YFs who at base will really just be annoyed that the Sox are winning. And if the Sox lose, I imagine his act will get old for SFs very very fast.

Francona was a great manager. I really like him. He was on Baseball Tonight the other day in Yankee camp and it’s was hilarious.
I think the Sox FO really fucked up letting him go.
Bobby V is clown shoes.

I LOVED Francona. Maybe he got a little too complacent in the clubhouse, but he was my favorite manager.
Bobby V is a big-mouthed PR stunt. I couldn’t stand him as a commentator, and based on the last few weeks I can tell I’m not going to like him as a manager.

Interesting quote I just read on Rob Bradford’s twitter feed, Bobby V was asked about holes in the line up, “I think outs are precious, precious commodities. We only get 27 of them.”
I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for at least 1/2 of the season. Tito wasn’t the best game manager, maybe Bobby V learned something all those years as a commentator. The player seem to be behind him, though this could be a Pete Carol, Rick Paternio, type of think. His act could last 1 or 2 seasons, then players will get sick of it and he will have to move on.
Shaughnessy’s article in the globe was interesting, he said that this ST is vastly different than the way that Tito ran them. Bobby V is going back to basics, working on fundamentals, and it is very structured. Could not figure if Shank was being sarcastic or not, but some of the players quoted felt the structure and the pace of the training was good (of course making Crawford do a bunch of bunting drills didn’t work out so well).

Basically don’t give a shit about Valentine as media pot-stirrer; I pay little attention to the sports radio/TV part of things, only looking at highlights or pieces of interviews after wins. Hope he at least does/says some funny stuff if he’s going to embarrass himself/us a lot of the time.
Will form opinion of his in-game strategy starting with the formation of the roster (I think not giving Bard and Doubront their shot would be stupid, and that Aceves belongs in the pen–also 80% of rotation home-grown, awesome even if the 4/5 suck eggs, can’t be worse than last year), then with his lineup on opening day and in the couple weeks following (what does he do with the lineup on lefties vs. righties? does he appropriately spell guys like Youkilis who have shown wear and tear the past couple years?).
And of course, the bullpen where I really think you feel the manager’s influence the most (Bailey a step down from Pap, might be worth as much as two wins, still bullpens are super-volatile, feel like at least a couple people will have good years, and if we get a third, we’re doing pretty well).
But drama will definitely, as IH says, be tolerated by me if the results are there, and I think this is a good team.
I will say there were some things he said as an ESPN commentator as far as baseball strategy that I wasn’t terribly happy about without even knowing he’d be managing my baseball team. He was my last choice and I was unhappy to hear he got the job, but I don’t know what really happened in that clubhouse, and I don’t know how good an in-game manager he is. So I’m pretty skeptical of him, but I’ll wait till at least May to come to any kind of opinion.
Really think this team is good. Good frontline starters (injury concerns, but who doesn’t have those?), bound-to-be-better back of rotation with decent depth (at least until May 1st when some minor league opt-out business happens), solid bullpen, elite offense (bound to be top 3 in the league without at least three serious injuries to key players). If we can just avoid the damned injury bug this year…one does wonder about the medical staff at a certain point.
I’m out of work, my kid is going to daycare for his one day a week tomorrow (I am taking care of him during the week otherwise while his mom is at work), and therefore I’m fairly chemically messed up at the moment, so I might have rambled here, haha.

Oh man, and I just remembered as far as this whole thing being good for laughs: Francona was actually a funny, dry sort of dude a lot of the time, which was awesome in and of itself and as a deflection tool for awkward questions or team issues. I don’t think I can look forward to that particular variety of funny from the manager anymore. More blunt, beat-you-with-a-club kind of humor from Bobby V, methinks. Not so deft. Like a clown…say.
But I haven’t pre-judged him, I swear! lol

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