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Ten Oughta Do It, Don’t You Think? Tigers-Yanks Gamer II

Freddy Garcia brings his 9.75 ERA to the mound as the Yankees face the Tigers.

You think we need one more?

You think we need one more.

All right, we’ll get one more.

Didn’t actually click publish when I wrote this earlier today..At 6-1 before getting out of the second, looks like 11 might be too soft as well.

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With the Yanks down by 5 and no outs in the 7th, why does A-Rod NOT slide into the 2nd basemen to break up the double play? Instead he runs out of the basepath ostensibly to kindly make room for the throw and they barely get Teix at first for the DP. Then Granderson hits a homerun. What the F Alex??
Of course the real story is that our starting pitching is just horrendous right now.

That was VERY close to a tie game in the bottom of the 9th. Well, not much you can do when Freddy absolutely destroys you in 2 innings, but the Yanks made Valverde throw 30 to close it out. i feel good about tomorrow with CC and our main pen arms fresh. We need it.

Looks like Freddy is Dead!!!!!!
DJ Mitchell called up and Phelps to the rotation?
Love it.
Now just dump Hughes and we might be OK…

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