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The YFSF Code of Conduct & Terms of Service

-Have respect for the YFSF community. If you disagree with an argument, by all means respond. But no matter how much you disagree, there’s no reason to insult your interlocutor as a person. Ad hominem attacks will be removed.

-Understand that the players, team personnel, and media figures we write about are human beings, and some of them even read this site. Criticism of their play and public behavior is acceptable, but needlessly disparaging remarks are not. We aim for a higher level of discourse here.

-We strongly encourage commenters to respect the theme of the post on which they are commenting. Please do not needlessly drive discussion off topic. Conversation should develop organically.

-Fans of all stripes are welcome on all game threads. Have fun. Root for your side. But please, No Taunting. That’s not what we’re about.

-Use profanity judiciously. We want to be read in libraries.

-Sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and racist language is off limits. Obviously.

-All content that is contributed to this site is licensed exclusively to YFSF.

-The proprietors reserve the right to remove or alter any content on the site at their discretion.

-Anonymous comments will no longer be accepted. Authors must identify themselves. Aliases in genearl are acceptable, but using several aliases from the same IP address is not. The use of dynamic IPs in concert with new aliases to bypass the identification requirements is also not acceptable.

-Comments that violate copyrights are forbidden and will be removed. Extended content taken from other sites or sources will be removed. Extended quotations are acceptable if and only if they are reproduced in the context of criticism.

-The use of HTML code in comments is strongly discouraged. Stick to the use of caps or quotations whenever possible. No one likes seeing the blog turn all italic for 3 hours, and the process of resolving the problem can be a serious pain.

-Remember, this site was created by two friends who root for historic rivals. We believe that the discussions herein should reflect the essential character of that relationship, and our shared love of the game.

If you have questions or comments about our code or terms, please feel free to contact us directly at yanksfansoxfan at gmail dot com.