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Texas is the Reason

That the Kobe Bryant era is over. But is it also the reason another legendary player is back from the dead? And can you serve porridge hot?

Stay tuned…

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“And can you serve porridge hot?”
Priceless Nick. And great response SF. That one exchange encapsulates what I love about this site.
In two games Derek Jeter has moved – resoundingly – out of Jason Varitek’s neighbrohood, if he was ever indeed residing there to begin with.
The power-production from everywhere else in the line-up is covering up, for now, for A-Rod’s extended disappearance and CC’s recent struggles. And A-Rod seemed to bring his woes at the plate into the field yesterday, with a throwing error and a brain-cramp that should have been an error.
Would be nice if Jeter’s march to – and through – 3,000 is part of a solid season of typical Jeter production and not a cringe-worthy spectacle of dinks and dunks surrounded by debates abotu where he should hit in the line-up. Here’s to hoping he can keep getting good wood on the ball from this point forward.

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