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That Sinking Feeling: Rays-Yanks Gamer II

Although Sabathia is on the mound for New York, David Price is pitching for St. Pete and the Yanks just can’t beat that guy. Sigh. Comment away.

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It would be awesome if we won this game, and series.
I am going to try a little different tact and not rant and rave.
Positivity is the order of the day. Negative Reinforcement has not been working the last two seasons.
Go Yankees.

Well, I picked the wrong game…
Positivity…OK, here goes…
CC has given up a HR with all these guys on base?
Nunez only has 2 errors, not more?
It’s only 0-2 in the 2nd inning, not 0-8?
I’m new at this.

Looks like Andruw blew a hammy trying to run hard…
Oh, and Gardner is having another MRI.
Positive spin?
He is getting plenty of rest.
Jones is not that important to the team anyway…

Running aggressively and get’s to 3rd on a couple bad throws…
2-2. 3rd with 1 out!!!!

Woah…check out the box score in the O’s-Rangers game. First three O’s batters homer, five homers in all in the game for Baltimore, all given up by Colby Lewis (and the only hits he gave up), and he struck out 10. Bizarre.

I’m in Dallas and will be unable to post this weekend…
I expect full and unwavering positivity in my absence boys.
It seems to work!!!!

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