That “moronic” (as I myself

That “moronic” (as I myself termed it) scenario was actually a figment of my own twisted imagination. I was just thinking out loud – the Sox need to both dump salary and tease Texas in order to pry A-Rod – they would then need to move Nomar following an A-Rod acquisition. I figure Williamson, who is set to make (I think) 3 million this year, is a cheap closer for Texas, and Manny is in the deal regardless. The Sox seem dead-set on Foulke (though why they wouldn’t slot in SW to the closer role after last year’s playoff performance is a bit stupefying), so that would make Williamson expendable. As for moving Nomar, they could only move him to a team who can re-sign him, a team that is geographically alluring and has the cash. The Dodgers and Angels fit the bill. There was a rumor that Nomar would be moved to LA for Brown, but I don’t see that as remotely realistic, just because of salary (the Sox are working all these deals with the 120M payroll limit as their internal limbo stick). So, my misguided train of thought led me to the player the Sox need, from both a salary and positional standpoint – a second baseman. And who on the Angels fits that bill? Eckstein. He’s a small shortstop (very easily moved to second), a decent fielder, a reasonable leadoff or 2 hitter (the Sox have Damon, I know, but that’s not a terrible problem to have), and he’s cheap, at this point. He makes sense. As for the issue of how that changes the Sox’ offense: The Bosox brass clearly believes that moving Manny is addition by subtraction (uh, waivers anyone?). A-Rod more than replaces Nomar, and Eckstein fills a need, both offensively and defensively, and helps the bottom line. Foulke is an improvement over Williamson, despite my hesitations over the move. That is how that scenario makes sense to me, even though your reservations are, in my mind, appropriate.

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