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The Agony and the Ecstasy


There are many ways to measure a game like the one with which the Red Sox and Yankees renewed their rivalry last night.

One is with a graph like the one Fangraphs recorded above. It captures clearly the massive swing of emotions that occurred between the seventh and 11th innings, culminating with Kevin Youkilis' no doubter over the Monster seats.

Another is with statistics, easy to do with a game that featured numbers like this:
  • Forty-three baserunners, with just nine scoring.
  • A quality start from Jon Lester that featured seven strikeouts in six innings — on 114 pitches. 
  • Five consecutive scoreless innings from the Red Sox bullpen (post-Okajima) despite allowing at least a baserunner in every inning. 
  • One earned run from Joba Chamberlain despite allowing 15 baserunners — or nearly three per inning.
  • Exactly one half-inning in which no batters reached base (the Sox' half of the 10th). 
  • One error, one wild pitch, one passed ball, one balk, one intentional walk, three hit by pitches, 12 unintentional passes and 18 strikeouts.
  • Jason Bay recording the only two RBI of the game to be recorded with two outs.
  • And the grand total of 401 pitches, 234 for strikes. 

Perhaps the best way is the following, a condensed version of the mammoth game thread here at YFSF, which totaled nearly 400 posts. 

in july we'll all look back at this thread and go "nick green and cody ransom? wonder whatever happened to them." 

SWEET ELLS!!! Hauling ass!

Not even through the first inning and it's already the most interesting game of the season. 

getting out of that with just 1 is nice, but the pitch count is going to come back to haunt.

Lester > Chamberlain

lowell down 643dp! 2 dps for joba. nice play in the inf.

I have no qualms with comparing Michael Kay to poop.

Even on the balls Lester throws, he has great location and great movement. This Yankees lineup is so damn patient, even without ARod.

Take that, Nettles!!!!!! Mikey! He may run slow, but he reacts quick.

Drat. What a f*cking waste. Should have had one there, at least.

Handsome Cody Ransom delivers?? Inconceivable!

Okay, this whole 'not-scoring' thing is starting to get annoying.

Not a well-pitched pitching duel.

ANOTHER DP!!!!!!! after jetes botched one with a lousy toss.

Have I said before that I like this Nick Green kid?

I hate this game as much as it is possible to hate a tie game.

w00t t3x

Lopez determined to pad the Yankees lead.

I don't know how we got out of that.


I lied, I like this game. :D

Damn, that hurts….so bad. I'm going to cry. I'm sobbing.

snacksize robs jeter. fudge. great play up the middle.

I love the camera close-up on Pedroia as he says "Let's fucking go" after the play.


Sac bunt EPIC FAIL!

that really sux. now here comes the heart of the sox for the kill. that was the wrong time to blow a chance to score.

Fack Youk. Goodnight.


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My only solace this morning is that if they’re this close without A-Rod, he’s a big upgrade over Ransom. By contrast, the Sox are at almost full strength. And hopefully Ortiz keeps doing exactly what he’s been doing.

thanks for this paul. it was fun to get back into a big thread, even if the result wasn’t ideal.
but we’ve said it before and it remains true: these two teams just bludgeon the hell out of eachother. i don’t think the score indicates what a trial that thing was. every inning could have been a breakout for either team.

I’m visiting friends in New York (first time I’ve been to the city in ages) and was watching on YES. It was an unbelievable game.
I still can’t believe the Yankees didn’t blow it open off Lopez, and I remain convinced that putting him in the game was a terrible decision. We got lucky as hell there (then again, the Sox left about eight billion guys on base in the early parts of the game).
Youk is just ridiculously on fire right now. It’s great to watch.
Ahh, what an excellent way to start off this year’s Sox/Yanks matchup.

By contrast, the Sox are at almost full strength.
Given Ortiz’s struggles, both teams are arguably playing without their best hitter. And the Sox have John Smoltz in the wings. I don’t expect either team to pull ahead by much over the course of the season.

Those selected gamer quotes are classic.
Does YFSF have a kind of All-Time Gamer Comments section?
It should.
Pearls of wisdom must always be preserved for posterity.

“My only solace this morning is that if they’re this close without A-Rod, he’s a big upgrade over Ransom. By contrast, the Sox are at almost full strength. And hopefully Ortiz keeps doing exactly what he’s been doing.”
Baseball is not basketball. It never works this way. It’s wishful thinking. An easy game to play. If the sox or this good with a black hole at number 4, how good will they be when ortiz hits even a little?
Players will come and go all season long.

Lovely, Paul! :) I feel minorly famous. Can’t believe Ath’s “Holy titf*cking christ” comment didn’t make it in, though… that was the highlight of the evening until Bay’s heroics.

Red Sox radio pregame with this stat from last night: Of Joba’s 91 pitches, there were three swing-and-misses by the Red Sox batters, a curve, a slider and a fastball.
Three. Wow.
At the time I felt Joba was living on the edge all night and simply making the right pitch when he needed it, but held back on that thought reluctantly because I didn’t think I was being impartial.

I dispute that the Red Sox are at full strength
Baldelli, Lowrie, Lugo, Kotsay, Dice-K and Smoltz are on the DL. Lowell is still recovering.
Although none of these guys represents Rodriguez’ potential, the Red Sox are hardly “at almost full strength.” And I doubt that Rodriguez will be full strength this season given his injury.
Yes, you guys probably have more on the DL than we do, but it’s not like we have just a bag of balls on the DL.
I summarize last night’s game this way: Both teams blew mucho scoring chances, and the Red Sox got to Mo, as they do on rare occasions. I thought the only part of the game that went the way we should have expected was Youkilis homering off Marte, who, quite frankly, stinks.

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