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The Beast Is Nigh and Tight: Yanks-Tigers Gamer II

The Jays and Sox swapped positions in the East earlier today, with Boston climbing to fourth place. Thing is, all five teams are within 3.5 games of each other. Tight indeed. Kuroda is on the mound in Detroit, while the Yankees face Rick Porcello. Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .340
C. Granderson cf .263
A. Rodriguez 3b .280
R. Cano 2b .286
M. Teixeira 1b .255
R. Ibanez lf .268
N. Swisher rf .241
E. Chavez dh .253
R. Martin c .187
H. Kuroda 3.96
Q. Berry cf .364
D. Worth 2b .219
M. Cabrera 3b .315
P. Fielder 1b .322
D. Young dh .268
B. Boesch rf .234
J. Peralta ss .239
D. Kelly lf .172
O. Santos c .000
R. Porcello 5.21

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the yankees are bad enough on their own…1-12 again with risp…but, they may be digging themselves a bigger hole with their honesty about some of the bad umpiring…i haven’t watched enough baseball this season, especially other teams, to say this without a challenge, but it does seem that there have been some pretty bad calls followed by bad behavior by the umpires recently…i don’t have all the specifics, but i’m hearing that santana may actually given up a hit in his no-hitter bid on a hard hit ball down the 3rd base line that kicked up chalk [disclaimer: i don’t know if there was an argument or not on that one, so just a blown call, a historically significant one though]…then there was the blown call by welke and nelson that allowed the sox to extend a run scoring inning against the tigers…tiger catcher clearly caught the ball for strike 3…2 umps didn’t see it that way…leyland was tossed…the other day jeter clearly threw out a guy sliding head first into first base…i mean he wasn’t out by a mile, he was out by a mile and a half…the call: safe…and we have the laz diaz/russell martin controversy…now last night’s dust up with girardi and long [arguing a strike call on granderson…a no-no, of course that’ll get you tossed], and what apparently was a rather dickish response by the ump, bob davidson, to provoke long…girardi got pissed, so he got tossed…maybe i should have known this, but the president of the world umpires association?: joe west…a fish rots from the head right?…oy….now i’m not suggesting some kind of anti-yankee conspiracy theory here, at least not yet, because some of the calls i referenced did not involve the yankees…the umpires are not doing themselves any favors these days, not so much with missed calls, but their sometimes dickish and childish reactions to criticism…we’ve had this conversation here before, but apparently someone needs to have it with selig, torre, and the umps…this should be a huge red flag for mlb, which alas, they will continue to ignore…as for anti-yankee conspiracies, i’ll keep watching…in the meantime, they need to learn to hit and pitch a little better…

2nd/3rd no outs…meat of the order…one run on an out…”meat”?…hahaha…this lineup has as much “meat” as the burgers of a certain fast food chain…

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