The Captain Is Crunched: Yanks-O’s Game Over

Shadow Captain of a charcoal ship. The Yankees are burnt toast — regardless of today’s news that Jeter is gone for this year — but at least they made a smart move by bringing on Brendan Ryan who is really fun to watch in the field and hits the same as everyone else the Yankees have had at short this year, meaning approximately never-plus-point-one-nine. Tonight, watch Andy Pettitte pitch in Camden against the Orioles and Scott Feldman, and ARod, who has been on a tear lately, is still in the lineup despite some reports of stiffening of something or other. The one>four hitters in the Yankee lineup tonight are ferocious lately. Comment away.

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  • Two straight days for the Yanks to gain on all three wildcard rivals who were in front of them in the standings. This weekend vs. Boston could put them right back in a deep hole behind those three, but if they can remain within 2 games of the wildcard come Monday, the schedule turns in their favor. Whoever gets it will likely go down in a ball of flames in a 1-game playoff vs. Yu Darvish, but I for one will be most impressed with this year’s version if they make it even that far given what they’ve had to overcome.

    IronHorse-yf September 12, 2013, 2:10 am

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