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The Dragon

A. J. Burnett credits Bruce Lee, whose likeness is tattooed on Burnett’s left triceps, for protecting him when he was struck by a liner from John McDonald.  Word.

Sure it is a fake, but who cares? Bruce rocked.

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The tattoo on his leg of himself pitching is much weirder. I like to imagine the tattoo of himself pitching has its own tattoo of himself pitching, to the point where it becomes an ouroboros effect.

I think every competitive sport should require a breakdance-related celebration. Beckett strikes out the side? Dance his way back to the dugout. Big Papi homer? Moondance around the bases.
I’d watch it.

Psshh. Bruce Lee had his fucking back broken and never spent a day on the DL. Burnett doesn’t deserve the honor of having Bruce Leroy on his body.

> This one’s pretty good too….
Sam, since I clicked through, I now have forfeited the right to use the word “excessive” when dissing any future fist-pumps, bat flips, or other sort of celebrations.

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