Don’t Knock My Hobbies

Kottke linked to this wonderful short film on the Dugout, a baseball card shop on Court Street, just a couple of blocks from my home in Carroll Gardens. The owner, Joe Rock, is a real NY character, and the video captures his antic volubility. I try to buy a couple of packs there every year, but of the $2 Topps variety. That’s my speed. For more on baseball cards, you might be interested in this piece I wrote on the greatest collector of them all, Jefferson R. Burdick.

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No Yankee gamer, thank god…
Just have to say it somewhere…we suck balls. This team is the fucking worst. No heart, no soul, just a bunch of overpaid mercenaries. Pathetic.

So if a Mantle or Clemente card isn’t worth more than $5-$10 some forty years later, what’s the argument for buying today’s cards in hopes of them being valuable down the road?
I loved my baseball cards as a kid, but that’s because they were a key source of baseball statistics in the pre-internet era. As an investment, I don’t see it, given that practically every player now signs every inanimate object in sight (and some animate ones, too).

My older brother always screwed me on baseball cards…I would trade him anyone for a Yankee. Bastard. I could be a millionaire now!!! :)

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