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The Enemy of My Enemy: Rangers-Yanks Gamer

Can both teams lose?

Comment about the cognitive dissonance for us Sox fans here. 

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I can never decide how to react to these kinds of situations. I always want the Yankees to lose, but I know it’s better for the Sox now if the Rangers lose. So if I’m scoreboard watching during the game, I always end up rooting for whichever team happens to be down at the moment. And, of course, that every game goes to extra innings.

Well, seeing that SF created the gamer and the first 3 post are from SF’s…I’d say we’re golden!!!
LET’S GO YANKEES!!! Help the Sox by blasting the Rags!!!
Although Joba sucks on 4 days rest let alone 10 so he’s going to get rocked per usual. The bats are going to have to tee off on Mill-douche to pull off this one…

I have a big decision to make…HD in spanish or SD in english???
Oh, and Joba sucks ass. Leadoff walk. This is going to be a long game, well, not for Joba…won’t make it through 4 per usual.

K!!!! HE GOT AN OUT!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! IT’S EVEN BETTER IN SPANISH!!! Anyone else watching this is espanol???

1st and 3rd…1 out, 100 pitches already, Joba is pathetic. Seriously garbage. Who didn’t see this coming???

Tex walk, ARod single…1st and 2nd, 2 outs. He’s throwing a lot of pitches…Godzilla up. Can he do it again???

All day long Andrew…just like in the 90’s. Did we even lose a game to them during the good times???

Joba just DYING to give them back runs…Pudge steals??? Then another walk. Why does Joba suck so badly??? WHY????

JOBA F-CKING SUCKS!!!! 4-2, gives back 2 runs with 2 outs because he is a fat, sorry, overrated piece of sh-t.

Threatened but nothing…not good. Joba’s going to blow the lead in this inning because he is almost MEE-tre’ish. Dick.

Hip Hip throws a dude out AND Joba gets out of the inning without giving up a run??? What the hell is going on???

Joba is f-cking pathetic. He is terrible. Get his sorry, fat ass back into the pen. He cannot hold a lead. 4-3 and yet ANOTHER 2 OUT, 2 STRIKE RBI!!!! YOU SUCK JOBA!!!!


About to get worse…Hamilton up with 2nd and 3rd. All this with 2 outs.
84, 85

88 pitches.
Blew a 4-0 lead.
Fuck you Joba you fat piece of shit. Fuck you.

I cannot wait to hear the boo’s when he gets off the mound…if he ever does. F-cking loser.

I mean seriously??? Why the hell is he starting??? Ever???

Hooooly Canolli. Can I f—ing breathe now?Thank you,Joba for the Brad Penny-like outing.Crazy. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that is no good for the sox either.

I cannot wait to hear that sorry , fat f-ck’s interview after the game…let’s see if his majesty shows some contrition for his shitty-ness.
Cano HR!!!! 5-7!!! Bats are going to have to win this one for us…F-CK YOU JOBA!!!

Yeah, the wins in Fenway resurrected me! Joba’s sorry-ass has me drawing the warm bath again…bats can save me though.

Gaudin warming in the pen…interesting. No more runs bullpen. Be the opposite of fat ass.

We need some runs…stop playing like SH-T!!!! NO LETDOWN FROM FENWAY AS=HOLES!!!

The Pale Limp Hose just took the lead on a strikeout that should have ended the inning……….
I hate to see krueg cry……

This game is a f-cking bloodbath…HUGE letdown from the weekend series in BAHHHHHHHH-sten. Pathetic. Blow a 4 run lead and lose to the Rags. What a joke. Thanks fat ass Joba!!!

walks the f-cking bases loaded???? with 2 outs??? What team am I watching right now???

Jeter is the man. Joba, unfortunately, is not. I don’t think Joba has it in him to handle odd-days off, unpredictable schedules, etc. I would be surprised if we got one more great start from him this year. On the other hand, I think he could be exceptional back in the pen. Then he can go back to the rotation in ’10 for the entire year.

Damon choke job. When’s the last time he got a big hit? Can’t remember…
Marte coming in. It’s really over now. At least 2 runs coming up, EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASY.

WHAT IH??? Did I just hear an endorsement of throwing Joba’s sorry ass back in the pen??? ;)

No Marte…sweet. So basically Gaudin is better than Joba, why not start him? Hell, MEE-tre is even better than Joba at this point…

2 OUT WALK AGAIN!!!! I am going to f-cking lose it…whatever I have left at this point anyway.

Come on krueg,the Mitre is better no way ;). What happens in my view is Joba gets overconfident when he gets the 2 outs. Starts throwing offspeed,breaking balls,walks guys in and then the lack of experience kicks in,the pressure weighs in. In Mitre’s case, there’s no need of pressure,he throws meatballs right at you in any count no matter how many men on base. That might work in the NL not here.

Well that’s the game. Young was batting .500 off Gaudin before that AB (with more than 30 ABs so not exactly a small sample size). Oh well.

Swisher lost that f-cking game, after Joba of course. Stupid f-cking bunt…just awful. All that for nothing. At least they came back, showed some balls but come on Swisher, seriously??? HUGE mistake…

I wasn’t watching, krueg, but are you sure it was Swisher’s decision? That dumb bunt may have been Girardi’s call, no?

It was his call…he just didn’t execute. It was pathetic. 1st and 2nd with no outs, Swisher to bunt? He obviously can’t so that may have been a bad call but ultimately Swisher f-cked it up.

Pettitte tomorrow…loss. AJ Thursday…loss. MEE-tre Friday…loss. Sweep. We’re f-cked.

Horrible game. Great rally in the 9th ending with one horrendous play by Swisher and bad BABIP-luck for Melky. I’m going to the Burnett game Thurs with my brother. Hopefully they’ll be trying to string 2 wins together by then rather than avoid a sweep.

You will bring us luck IH…I figure AJ will pitch really well seeing as it won’t be a “huge” game, you know, not Boston…

Hope you’re right kr – though don’t drop his epic duel wih Beckett off the memory-banks too fast!
Curious to see who is catching him. I figure it’s got to be Posada until they iron their communication out. It has gone on now for 3 straight games and is ridiculous.
That would have been a sick come-back last night…

It was so deflating…to come all that way and fall short. I’m still bummed about it.
Yeah, he was great in that ONE game! ;)

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