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The Evening After: Sox-Orioles Gamer

The deadline has passed. Moves have been made. Games will be played.

Have at it.

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As much as it would have been great to get a Halladay/Rios package, it sure is nice to have Ellsbury still here.

PS Ellsbury got SO ROBBED last inning by the ump of an infield single to end the inning.

I’m going to have to treat ONE of these as the Yankee gamer. Not that it matters, the season is pretty much over now that the Sox have Victor!

That was one of the least athletic plays I’ve seen in a while. Errors are killing the Yanks the last two games. Bases loaded, no outs, and Mitre pitching. Likelihood we escape this inning still holding the lead? About 2%.

Funny how both these two games just switched leads at almost exactly the same moment.

where do i go to complain about sergio mitre? seriously. the trade deadline comes and goes and this guy is still in the rotation? booo.
how much do seats need to cost before we can get a decent 5th starter!
[sort of]
[wheels. coming. off!!!!!]

Horrible decision compounded by a weak throw by Melky – both runners advance. Then Thome jumps on first pitch and it’s tied. Can we escape with a tie and at least not be losing? Prob not.

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