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The First Official YFSF Open Caption Contest


Winner gets a YFSF-endorsed "clean-blogger" grab bag.

47 replies on “The First Official YFSF Open Caption Contest”

“A-Rod’s lips are sealed (look closely at photo), A-Rod will not say a word. You will not hear A-Rod name names. Going forward though A-Rod will begin to point to any and all steroid offenders that A-Rod knows.”
– Alex Rodriguez
(In my head I just picture Alex referring to himself like Jimmy from Seinfeld did…)
Hey I tried.

Damnit, I just clicked on the jpeg link. This prize is a sham! I feel so used.

Yo, man. If you don’t stop beating up 70 year old men at the park, they’re going to link this crap to roid rage. You have to chill out, buddy. What the hell? That bitch over there has been following me everywhere.

See, what you need to do is blame it on something your doctor prescribed for you for a private matter and he *thought* wouldn’t interfere with the drug policy. You got that!?

For the last time–I’m not going to introduce you to Madonna! But if you’re nice to me, I might let you meet my cousin.

….said, ‘pull my finger.’ So I did. And then she tooted three bars of “Material Girl.” Amazing muscle control. Anyhoo, it’s really hard to find support AND comfort. You really need a custom fitting.

“Here, Manny, you’ve got a spot of foam on the corner of your mouth. Lemme get that for you.”

since ath beat me to it, i’ll try again.
“no, no, no. we’ll try it again. it goes…where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from cotton eyed joe”

“Rememeber, if you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours I know a woman you can see”

Manny: “It’s okay, I have the NYU Delta Zeta sorority house on speed dial for such an occasion.”

That would be immediately followed up with something like….
Wait what… we have who at third while im on th DL….
You can use the same bit for most of the bullpen :)

You want more fuego? You should take what Madonna takes before we sado maso.

AROD ~”Hey Manny, I know you are going for the Rue Paul look with the hair and man boobs… If you really want to go all the way with that, I got this cousin who can hook you up with some good stuff…”

Not funny, man, you *know* the needle goes in the fleshy part of the glute. If you ever stick me in my taint again, I’m gonna kick your ass.

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