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The Flashlight that is Almost Out of Batteries

Ok, so it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but the hitting of a certain second baseman has been more like the title of this thread than the “laser show” moniker that has come to be associated with him. What is going on? Garden-variety 20 game slump? Lingering foot issues?

For statistical ugliness, check out what happens starting around April 21st.

The good thing is that the Sox have been able to get by while this has occurred, going 12-7 during Pedey’s struggles.

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i know the feeling…i bought a laser light at the flea market, and after 1 day the darn thing doesn’t work…so i threw it out…not that i’m recommending the sox do the same with ped, but they do need to figure out why he’s striking out so much…i just saw a link from that said his strikeout rate is double his career average…no lasers if you don’t make contact…
and this offers some insights as well:

Pedroia always seems to be good for a one-month slump.
From April 6-May 1, 2007, he went .104/.246/.167 over 57 plate appearances.
From April 24-June 12, 2008, he went .210/.262/.293 over 198 plate appearances.
From May 29-July 4, 2009, he went .218/.288/.301 over 147 plate appearances.
From May 20-June 9, 2010, he went .167/.267/.231 over 90 plate appearances.
So now he’s gone .138/.250/.154 over 76 plate appearances from April 22-May 9. It happens. His BABIP over that time is .176, and he’s gotten hits in each of his last three games. His defense continues to be stellar; he’s leading AL second basemen in Total Zone Runs and UZR, and he’s third among AL second basemen in the Fielding component of Fangraphs’ WAR and first in the fielding component of Baseball-Reference’s (tied for sixth among all fielders). If his foot was bothering him, I think it would show up there. He’s also tied for third among the league’s 2B in baserunning runs, so with all the usual caveats about tiny sample sizes, he doesn’t appear to be dealing with anything physical. Just some bad luck.

I am inclined to agree with you, Paul. I think this is just a slump. A bad one. But just a slump. His swing doesn’t look too different to me (he looks not nearly as bad as Crawford did during the depths of his troubles), and he is playing good D.

clearly just a slump…this guy’s just too good, and i agree an injury would show up elsewhere in his game…but do you really think “bad luck” is a factor paul?…i mean with a higher strikeout rate, i don’t see luck, as defined by hitting the ball hard but right at a defender for example, entering into it so much…

Yeah, the higher strikeout rate is a little worrisome, and his line drive percentage is way down while his ground ball percentage is way up.
He’s swinging more at pitches out of the zone, and he’s making contact less on pitches in the zone. He’s seeing far fewer pitches in the strike zone than he used to (just 43 percent). Is that because he’s swinging at everything, so pitchers don’t feel the need to throw him a strike, or has he started swinging at pitches outside the zone because he’s seeing so few strikes? In any case, he needs to lay off the bad pitches, and he’s not doing that as well as he usually does.

the first thing i always think of is the eyes…i’m sure these guys get checked out routinely, but maybe he’s not seeing the ball as well…

Pedroia is on my fantasy team so his slump is very much appreciated. He started off the year great. The slump has been dramatically bad with a 4-k game thrown in there and a lot of grounders. I think he’ll turn it around, although the k-rate is a little odd and there is always the spectre of the Marcus Giles comparison because of their sizes.

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