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The Good Stuff: Yanks-Sox Gamer V

Saturday afternoon baseball with the Sox and Yanks head-to-head at Fenway.  And not blacked out.  Yep, good stuff.  C.C. Sabathia faces Clay Buchholz.  Here's hoping for an exciting game (weather permitting) and for tempers to stay simmered down.  Comment away.

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Visiting the parents in Boston, not a fun Globe to wake up to.
Everyone pisses on Ortiz, but the villains for me this year are Beckett and Wakefield.

It has nothing to do with intent. Nothing. It has to do with the fact that when you are wild and hit our players, you are going to get hit. I know being a fan of the team that always does the hitting, it’s hard for you to understand…
CC pulling a Beckett now.

wild throw by beltre. adrian better look out next time he’s up. cc “the kid” and his brand of outlaw baseball policemanship dosen’t appreciate wild.

cc should probably issue a message to god for this rain delay. who woulda thought that the guy who wears his hat sideways is the defender of baseball ethics.

“the villains for me this year are Beckett and Wakefield”
Beckett is what’s he’s always been: Inconsistent.
And Wakefield. How the heck does he get any blame.
The real problem is your front office…

Joe West would have let CC throw that 2-2-2 pitch in the bottom of the fifth before calling out the tarps.
Then again, so would every Sox pitcher considering the state of affairs now.

“cisco kid”
the only downside is no sox fans to mess with…although under the circumstances i’d be keeping a low profile too…is paul sf ok?…even unflattering stats are interesting…

Just got home and watched the 9th on DVR…finally hit a HR over the MON-stah…Tex is an animal. Tomorrow is gravy. Life is GOOD RIGHT NOW!!! LET’S GO YANKEES!!!

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