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The Hot Stove Rorschach Test Part I

What are the first hot stove thoughts that come to your mind?

John Lackey

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early indications are that he’d get Burnett money or even a little less. I think he’s been the superior pitcher the last 5 years, although if you factor in k-rates and recent health history I could maybe see the argument that it’s a toss-up. A Sabathia-Lackey-Burnett-Pettitte top 4 would be pretty ridiculous although I’d worry a lot about potential injury with that group.
From the Red Sox perspective, I think a potential Lackey signing would be very interesting in how it would affect negotiations with Beckett in 2010. Would it make it more likely that the Sox would let Beckett go. In the present a Beckett-Lester-Lackey-Dice-K-Clay-Wake rotation would be amazing.

We really need a new post up, this pic makes me want to gag every time i see it…to go from Pauls’ beautiful newborn to this trainwreck, something just not right about that

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