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The World Turned Upside Down

The lowly Orioles beat the Yankees, the Red Sox feature a fine starting performance and a save from Ramon Ramirez, and the Mets sweep a doubleheader and are in first place.
What’s next, financial reform and a climate change bill?

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was i the first to declare that this would probably happen?…all we need now is for the rays to realize that they’re not the ’98 yankees, come back to earth with the rest of us, and start making this an even more interesting season than it has been so far…it would also be nice to see nick johnson get a hit [tho the walks are nice], and tex to get his average up over .200…that and for javy vazquez to finally pitch a decent game and get on a a positive roll…that last one would also have the collateral benefit of shutting a certain someone’s piehole…

brad, how’ve you been buddy?…
speaking of pies…my grandmother made some of the best apple pies, no make that THE best apple pies of all time…she used lard in the crust [lard is good for you right?], and did some magic with the apples that buckled my knees…she’s been making apple pies for the angels [not the ones from anaheim] for awhile now, or i’d share some with you when we get together for that sam’s…a more appropriate pie for that “certain someone” might be one of aj’s cream pies, extra large…

Pie is so much better than cake. Every way, all day.
If you ever find yourself on the Oregon coast near Lincoln City, go east on highway 18 just a couple miles off highway 101 and eat at the Otis Cafe in the community of Otis.
I’d wager they make pies that are as good as any pies on the planet, save for dc’s grandmom’s. And a fantastic little diner.

Pretty good, buddy. Things have just been pretty busy, and I’ve tried to steer clear of the April panic everyone seems to have.
With re: to the apple pie – you are not alone there – my grandparents were farmers, and my grandmother would sit you down with some of the stuff she made. My wife makes a pretty good pie as well. Anything cooked in lard is good with me.
My father used to take venison steaks and fry them in lard just long enough to make them med-rare, and they were so good you had trouble stopping. I’m pretty sure I’m alone on that sentiment around here though:)

It’s called being merciful Ath…we have to throw crappy teams, like the O’s and Sox a bone once in awhile in the name of competitive balance! ;)

“What’s next, financial reform and a climate change bill?”
Yes and yes! Chalk it up to Goldman and oil spill, but the Yankees winning has something to do with it. Last 9 titles have come during Democratic administrations. Great video with Obama this week. The Red Sox meanwhile visited Bush….their arrogant front office reminds me of that administration, actually. Good thing that Obama’s going to be around for a while!

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Not everyone on here shares your uber-liberal rhetoric. Not flame throwing, but politics should take the aside here.

“The Red Sox meanwhile visited Bush….their arrogant front office reminds me of that administration, actually.”
Hey Paul from Waltham, douchetard, I hope you get hit by a bus.

See what I’m talking about?
It’s better to discuss politics at the dinner table with like minded folk – no matter the belief at hand.
A bus is kind of harsh, Lockland.

For the record, I don’t support either political party/Bush or Obama, I think they are all crooks that only serve their corporate masters, they just happen to be from different industries.
Man, I’m away from this site for a little while and you guys are letting chumps like Paul from Waltham run wild.

Hah! I actually voted for Scott Brown. Croakley was plain awful. And wouldn’t you know that only helped give Obama the greatest victory for any President in 50 years. Add in the improving economy, the troops coming home from Iraq, devastating air strikes in Afghanistan, and the Big O is going to walk to re-election. Who’s going to stop him? Palin? Romney? Huckster? The GOP is eating their own and supported by the circle jerk that is FOX. Meanwhile, Rove and Cheney, who destroyed the party with “Deficits don’t matter”, are still talking – shamelessly.
Still, for as arrogant as Steinbrenner was, his kids aren’t. And they’re not so arrogant as to think they’re smarter than the rest of the sport and ignoring the reliability of the stats they use.
Lockland – if that riles you up, I hate to think how little love you have in your life. Hopefully you have some. If not, I suggest Christ or Ghandi. ;)

Andrew, for the record, you can get hit by a bus and live, your odds just aren’t that good.
Is this guy a new regular around here? He sounds like a certain person who shall not be named, by any of the many names he posted here with after every time he got banned.
Paul, if you don’t think Hal is arrogant than I don’t know what to tell you man. You’re so off base on that attack it’s silly.
Also, I understand why love Obama, if I lived in a dump of a town like Waltham, I would want all the handouts I could get too.

“…Did I mention that pie is better than cake?…”
couldn’t agree more ag…i always asked for grandma’s apple pie for my birthday…my mom would still bake a cake, ’cause that’s what you do, but i ate the pie and a little cake…i never really knew what their politics were, and they certainly weren’t arrogant…the arrogant gene was recessive i think, at least until i came along…

“Also, I understand why [sic] love Obama, if I lived in a dump of a town like Waltham, I would want all the handouts I could get too.”
Ha! I grew up in Waltham and now work there. But I live in Concord thanks. All these clowns that think they represent a “Tea Bag Party”? Let’s see them come here and understand why they’re much more like redcoats than revolutionaries. Of course, now they want to see your papers besides tapping your phones and torturing you to confess. Meanwhile, they whine about deficits but not one talks about which of the big three – Military, Social Security, or Medicare, they’d cut. At least Ron Paul is honest.
Watch what happens when the deficit committee starts tackling the huge payouts the Bush Administration used to turn a $1 Trillion surplus into a $2.2 Trillion deficit and with a cratering economy to boot. By the end of year 2 Obama will be well on his way to fixing all of the problems that the Bush Administration used to destroy the country over eight years. The American people were smart enough to elect Obama. He’s going to walk to re-election. Times were good during Clinton and they’re starting to look much better already. The one horrid period of recent American political life? The Bush Administration. Of course you’re apolitical now. You can’t and won’t own what an utter disaster that was. So of course you’ll watch the Fox circlejerk.
“if you don’t think Hal is arrogant than I don’t know what to tell you man”
Hank is the arrogant one. And he’s a mere shareholder. Meanwhile, the Yankees are smart enough to know that they can’t reinvent baseball history. Defense helps, but pitching and offense wins championships.

guys…i’m not a mod, but i’m stepping in…can we please leave politics out of these discussions?…go to one of those blogs if you want to engage in that stuff…you know it’s pointless anyway…comments like bush=bad, clinton=good, are simplistic at best…i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone win the argument about which philosophy is “better” [it’s probably a blend but that ain’t happenin’], which is why we turn the admin over to the other party every 4/8 years…the discussion around here can get heated enough without rehashing stuff irrelevant to baseball…

“comments like bush=bad, clinton=good, are simplistic at best”
The objective reality (namely, our economy and spending) is pretty clear even as that’s the most simplistic comment in this thread.
As for philosophy, which philosophy encompasses “Fail to govern”? This immigration debate, after health care, is exactly an example of how little got accomplished from 2000-08, besides the two wars, massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and an unfunded new entitlement.
And it wasn’t irrelevant to baseball this week. The Yankees were at a Democratic White House – something they’ve done for the last nine titles.

like i said, i won’t get caught up in a pointless debate of your 1st 2 paragraphs…as for your last comment, attempting to identify some supernatural voodoo link between yankee championships and who resides at 1600 penn ave, says more about your politics and your baseball knowledge than i need to know…besides everyone knows that the yankees buy their championships, just like politicians buy the white house…no voodoo needed

Actually, when you reflect on when, and under which Party, the economy has grown over the last 30 years, it’s not so magical at all. The Yankees can only spend when they have money to do so. Huge contractions occurred under Reagan and the Bushes. There’s a reason Bush 1 called Reganomics “voodoo”. It doesn’t work.

“…The Yankees can only spend when they have money to do so….”
and during the steinbrenner/free agent/growth of cable tv years, exactly when have the yankees not had money to spend?…are you seriously trying to give credit to a particular political party for the yankees’ ability to spend and their success?…i guess clinton drafted and developed mo, jeter, posada, and pettitte, while bush screwed up with giambi, the unit, and others…sheesh…i thought we all realized that the yankees have lost even while they were outspending the rest of baseball…spending certainly enhances your odds, but it’s not the magic bullet, and it’s a real stretch to reach to politics to explain how the yanks do things…

by the way, you do realize the yanks won the ’09 series right?…following your logic, i guess that means all the problems the current admin inherited were solved by last fall, just in time for the yanks to add another trophy…whew, glad i don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore…

Can I just say that the ‘Tea baggers’ are one of the more unintentionally hilarious political movements I’ve ever seen. I wonder if they realize everyone in America is laughing at them?

very funny, AndrewYF.
I’m staying out of this rhetorical back and forth. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – I just wish they’d keep it to themselves. We all have the right to believe what we choose, so simply by saying x and Y in the hopes that someone finally sees the light and changes their view is utterly pointless. I liken these people to Curt Schilling or Bruce Springsteen – they just love to hear themselves talk about politics because they think they’re belief is the best for everyone. (or type in this case).
We get it – you’re a bleeding-heart democrat, and tow the line for the party no matter what. Enough already, people.
Fact is: Not everyone is in the same position, thus, not everyone needs the government to be such a huge part of our lives. At least not to the tune of 38% total.:)

“you’re a bleeding-heart democrat”
Except I voted for Scott Brown.
“At least not to the tune of 38% total”
So what big entitlement do you cut in half?
See, lots of people bitch about about politics, including some with Tea Bags in their mouths. But few actually propose realistic changes. And even fewer said anything when Bush spent this country into a ditch and after he started with a $1 Trillion surplus.

yep, i’m sick of over-paying taxes for the slackers gorging at the entitlement trough…if that makes me a tea-drinker, that’s ok…lemon and sugar, please…by the way, our friend still hasn’t explained the connection between the yankees’s spending, success, his pres., and voodoo…hahahahaha

Like Reagan and the Bushes’ economic policies. Keep spending then complain about how much government has grown. How’s the Department of Homeland Security working out?
The Yankees, like any big business, do best when the economy is riding high. That doesn’t happen during GOP administrations. Obama is going to show the same truth that Clinton did.
And entitlements? Let’s see one Tea Bagger propose to cut the military-industrial complex. You know, seeing as the United States already has more guns than people, we’re well prepared for the invading forces from Canada. Show me you papers, Frenchie.
That’s the real kicker. European socialism when every American gets guaranteed healthcare? Fox News couldn’t scream loud enough. European fascism when the police can monitor our communications and detain us whenever they want? The Tea Baggers are choking on their own hypocrisy.

“So what big entitlement do you cut in half?”
Yeah, none. Here’s the fast breakdown, Paul:
Between federal, state, town, property (house) and property (cars/motorcycle), my wife and I spend upwards of 37% in taxes last year. Thats no penalties or late fees – just straight taxes.
I have no children in school. I’ve never, ever used the local municipalities for any reason whatsoever. I grow most of my own food, and kill most of rest myself. I do everything I’m supposed to do – including get fucking bent over the table raw for not having enough reasons to not pay such rediculous amounts of money to the government.
I don’t want a fucking political debate with a guy who has pulled most of his shit from Chompsky (surplus!! surplus!!).
I just want to be fucking left alone. I don’t want to take care of your family, and I wouldn’t expect you to take care of mine.
That’s all. I’m not having a political round and round with you because you think you know what works for everyone or what the right answer is.
And why is being detained or having someone listen to your “communication” a bad thing? I didn’t do anything wrong – tap my phone if you want to. In fact, if the government wants to look into every single dark corner of my life, they’re more than welcome to do just that because I have DONE NOTHING WRONG.
And, I don’t think it’s Canada you need worry about, though I do get your sarcastic, bullshit, smarter-than-though plagerized liberal pamphlet, and I appreciate it. We really are no different – you want what works for you, and I want what works for me, and right now, they just happen to be different things. We just see things differently, and that’s not going to change. I don’t feel entitled at all. In fact, I feel that because I do have a decent job, a home, and some nice things I’m worse for wear because of it. But, isn’t that the point of all this? To curb anyone’s sense of motivation or determination? Wanna know what’s crazy? If I were to get a 8K raise this year, I’d make the same amount of money as I do now.

brad, you’re the man…but alas i’m as certain that you’re wasting your time talking to this guy…i don’t know what system works best…i just know that over-taxing the working class partly to fund waste and corruption and pay back favors just doesn’t seem to be working…and both parties are guilty there…i’m not upset about paying taxes…it’s that i’ve had to work so hard for what i have [like you and millions of others], i hate seeing it pissed away…i’m not the first to say this and i won’t be the last, if they had to run this government like a business, they’d be out of business…

Wait, so you call me Chomsky even though I voted for Scott Brown? And you can’t tell me one area where taxes should be cut?
Instead of venting, why don’t you put that emotion towards something useful. I, for instance, could get behind a national and even state VATs if all other taxes were abolished. But that ain’t happening. Our constitution is written to respond very sloooooooowly.
As for the the “I have done nothing wrong defense”? What will you do when the government decides you have? What’s your defense then? What next? Quarter and keep soldiers in your home? When do we value our right to be left alone? That’s the contradiction inherent in your rant. You want to be left alone but yet the government has every right to fully invade your life? It seems you draw the line at taxes. So find another country like ours that has lower tax brackets. And when you do, tell me where so I can seriously consider moving there!
Meanwhile, I’m fully glad you’re self-sufficient. But what happens if your wife gets cancer and you lose your job. Last year you’d lose your health insurance. Now there’s at least some safety net. A progressive society like ours, where athletes earn more in one inning than we do all year should certainly be able to help step in. Of course, there’s also the roads you drive on, the water you drink, etc. And where’d you get your education? Of course, China has an authoritative regime. Where’s the innovation coming out of China?
Honestly, I think every a American should own a gun. Then we could cut our military spending by 75%. I see no reason to have a force in bases all over the world. If another nation is crazy enough to try to invade us, let them do it house by house. If baseball were an analogy to defense spending the Yankees (the US) would be spending 1.7 Billion every year while the Sox (China) were spending their 170 million. Or in starker terms, the Yankees would be spending 40% more than the rest of the sport combined.
That’s the other problem for the libertarians aligning themselves with the neocons. You can’t tell government to get out of our lives then support an imperial military sticking its nose in the business of the world. Why is Israel our 51st state again? The biggest changes from 9/11 weren’t the 3000 dead, it was how we responded with the most inane and fruitless policies, including two Wars and completely redundant new bureaucracy, that cost trillions. If you’re going to rant about taxes, at least be honest about what they pay for.

“i hate seeing it pissed away”
And yet, the biggest amount of pissing is for Military spending. So you have a clear choice – cut Social Security and put old people on the streets, cut healthcare and watch Brad’s wife die, or cut the Imperial Army and tell the rest of the world to clean up their own messes. Which do you choose?
Sadly, no one on the right is courageous to tackle any of the real problems in spending. Instead, we get Sarah Palin and the Fox circlejerk over trivialities.
Obama is the best thing this country has going for it and in a long time. But too many are so busy shouting they haven’t woken up to that fact. After he rolls to re-election, they will.
BTW: 3.4% GDP growth in the last quarter alone.

The silence is deafening. Ask a Tea Bagger to vent on specific, and robust, tax cuts and all you get is crickets. It’s the same on Fox. All noise and no substance. Taxes, like government, are easy to rant against. As soon as it becomes personal, nobody wants anything cut. That’s exactly why taxes keep rising.
Cut military spending to what China spends and every American gets $2000 every year. That’s the tune of over $600 Billion. Now ask yourself who’s invading us? Canada or Mexico? I have confidence in Arizona and Texas protecting the southern border. And we can totally take the Frenchies. We took hockey and they did nothing.

you’re so dramatic…
you could cut or at least restrict the growth of all 3 programs you mentioned, including many other bureaucracies and entitlements, if you eliminated the mismanagement, waste, fraud, and corruption…i know it’s not as easy as raising brad’s taxes…
and, if the healthcare solution was so simple, how come the clinton’s couldn’t crack that nut during the 8 years they were running the white house?…wasn’t that hill’s main focus from day 1?…see, the ability to do a job doesn’t know party lines…if they rein in those lawyers who want to sue everyone at the drop of a hat, that may be a start…good luck finding a doctor though when the demand for quality care exceeds the supply…one of the funniest lines i heard was nancy p supposedly declared that we had to hurry up and pass the bill so we could find out what’s in it…wow…that was prob just a cruel joke though, because i can’t believe she actually said it…
GDP was bound to go up at some point after being rock bottom…it’s like the folks who crow about the housing market looking better, or new home starts having a positive uptick, and wanting to give someone “credit” for that…i know a guy who builds houses for a living…his next one will be the first in 6 months…gee, i wonder if he realizes that his new home starts will be up 100% from the past 2 quarters…i also know 3 people with homes that have been on the market for over a year…one for 2 years, despite cutting the price by 30%…how’s that for change?
i’ll say it again, since it’s the main point i’ve been trying to make throughout this entire exchange: the ability to do a job doesn’t know party lines, whether we’re talking about government or the yankees…

“you could cut or at least restrict the growth of all 3 programs you mentioned”
Hahahahahaha. The most nonsensical non-answer of all of them. Medicaid and Social Security have guaranteed payouts. Which groups of seniors and the elderly are YOU going to squash? Which politician will do so?
Let me repeat: We spend $650 Billion/year (what’s on the books at least) on military spending. China, in second place, spends $65 Billion and they’re surrounded by India, Russia, and Japan. We’re still spending at Cold War levels and we’re 20 years past the end of that non-existent “war”. Who are we defending ourselves against? A bunch of sandpeople in robes? Oooooo, scary!
“GDP was bound to go up at some point after being rock bottom”
When a Democrat was elected. Both parties spend. Only the Democrats build the economy when they do. It’s been that way for the last two decades.
“i’ll say it again, since it’s the main point i’ve been trying to make throughout this entire exchange: the ability to do a job doesn’t know party lines”
Sure, that’s why Obama got 15 Million more votes than Bush ever got. The American people are smarter than you are. The leader means everything. Tell me one thing Bush accomplished FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in eight years that equals what Obama’s done in 15 months. You can’t so you won’t. So keep ranting about taxes then wave your hands when it comes to the hard part of cuts.
P.s. Homes have always been a sucker’s investment vehicle. Goldman Sachs knew that quite well.

since i know you like to play the “get the last word in” game, i’ll let you win…i’m done with this topic…prefer to talk baseball…

BTW: Tell me again what Bush’s economic plan was? or Reagan’s? Tax cuts, huh? How’d that work out?
Read David Brooks today. The government makes major choices about which industries to invest in and they’re they only ones that can. The market is not smart by itself – the housing market shows that. Obama has decided on biotech and energy. That’s what a smart president does. The dumb one clears brush on his Yale (or California) Ranch and hands money out like lollipops to buy votes. To grow an economy you have to invest in it. And deciding none of the above is the way nothing happens for a decade.

“since i know you like to play the “get the last word in” game”
I’m just waiting for an answer that isn’t utter nonsense or an empty rant. Which government programs do you cut? You answer that and you’re immediately qualified for any GOP Congressional seat. It’s like if you can throw to second, you’re immediately qualified to catch for the Sox.

Wow, glad I didn’t get drawn into this thread earlier.
You know someone is a huge flaming troll when DC and Brad are able to hang out and talk about apple pie while PaulfromWaltham/A YF/Whatevernamehewantstouse goes on and on about politics in a useless argument that he brought up in the first place.
Can’t we keep YFSF about baseball? Most of us come here to talk about baseball because it’s a way to escape from the real world.

i did give you the answer, but as usual, instead of reading and absorbing what someone else is trying to tell you, you insist on blowing smoke up your own butt to the extent that it blinds you from appreciating another point of view…i can tell i got to you when you start insulting me…i’m surprised i need to remind you about government waste and fraud, like the famous $85 hammer and $300 toilet seat purchased by the pentagon, or the folks receiving entitlements that aren’t entitled to them, or the stuff buried in the healthcare bill that have nothing to do with healthcare…but, why bother with that trivia when we can just increase brad’s taxes…i so hope i’m wrong, and your pres has this thing figured out…i don’t want his legacy to be 4 years of blaming others for the mess he’s in…
by the way, i think the only thing wrong with the sox is that they don’t eat enough pie…

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